When you decide to hire professional movers, you’ll quickly see that you have many moving companies to choose from. But should you choose a local mover or one that’s based somewhere else? Does it make a difference? At Smooth Move, we believe local moving companies are best. Here are three reasons why people choose us when they need a mover in Rock Hill, SC or Charleston, SC:

  1. It’s convenient. There are almost too many moving companies to keep track of. However, many of them are large national chains that may not have a local representative in your area to talk to. You may be forced to speak to someone in a call center hundreds of miles away. When you work with a local mover like us, you’ll know exactly who you’re talking to. Our staff knows the area where they work so they’ll have a unique understanding of where you’re moving to or from. You’ll also know exactly where the moving company is located.
  2. It’s secure. As a local mover, Smooth Move cares about the communities we serve. As a trusted moving company in Rock Hill, SC and Charleston, SC, we’ve developed a reputation for taking good care of our customers’ belongings. We know we’ll see you around town so we want to make sure we’ve done the job right.
  3. It’s a decision you’ll feel good about. If you have to choose a moving company, why not go with the one who puts customer care and satisfaction first? Hiring a local mover like Smooth Move is your best bet for having a worry-free transition from one home or city to another.

Call the moving companies you can trust. Smooth Move is a local mover in Rock Hill, SC and Charleston, SC. Get a moving quote today!