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3 Ways to Make Your Move a Happy One

Moving is one of the most stressful things you'll ever do. In fact, more than a third of American couples report that their worst fights have occurred during a move. So how do you get to a new home or a new city without having a meltdown? The local movers at Smooth...

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How Long Does it Take to Plan a Move?

How do you make a plan to move? If you asked a hundred people, you'd probably get a hundred different answers. Your personal circumstances and reasons for moving will be the primary factors in how long you have to plan, but there are some general guidelines that...

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3 Ways to Save Money on Moving Costs

If you move, one thing's for certain: there will be certain costs involved. Even if you decide to move yourself, there are hidden costs you might not have considered. You may be surprised to learn that hiring local movers is often less expensive than you think. Even...

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4 Ways to Avoid Moving Scams

Moving is a big deal. There are lots of emotions involved, so you need to make sure you're thinking logically about all aspects of the process. Sometimes, fly-by-night moving companies take advantage of unsuspecting people. Smooth Move doesn't want this to happen to...

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4 of the Most Common Worries About Moving

If you're planning to move, you probably have a lot on your mind. In addition to keeping track of everything that needs to be done, it's only natural to have a few worries cross your mind. Here at Smooth Move, we've helped hundreds of families get a fresh start. Here...

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3 Things No College Student Should Forget to Pack

If you have a student heading off to college, you're not alone. Last fall, the National Center for Education Statistics estimated that 20.4 million students enrolled at colleges and universities across the country. In addition to books, many of those students will be...

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