Did you know that the average number of times an American moves in their life is 11? Moving can come with many difficulties, one of which is moving furniture. 



Moving a couch can be taxing. The shape of your couch makes it hard to get through a door and the width may be too long to get through your home’s hallway. Being unprepared to move a couch can result in costly damage to your walls and your furniture, not to mention your body if you pull a muscle or sustain an injury. 



Luckily, there are many different ways you can make the process easier. For starters, you should consider asking at least two more people to help. This will make the process more efficient and reduce the risk of injury due to strain. 



However, hiring a professional mover service is the easier route. But if you do not want to hire a service to move your furniture, then follow these tips to learn how to do it on your own. 



Keep reading to learn five couch moving tips!



1. Record Measurements



The first step before doing anything is measuring your couch. You don’t want to be stuck halfway down the hallway and realize your couch can’t fit through. 



To take measurements, you will need a measuring tape and something to record the information down with. Measure the length, width, and height of the couch.



Some couches allow you to take off the legs easily. If you plan on removing these, make sure you measure the couch afterward.  



2. Take Apart What you Can



As mentioned before, some couches have twist-off legs that allow for easy removal. But you want to remove everything you can.



This includes cushions and pillows. You can store them in garbage bags so that they’ll stay clean during the move. If you leave the cushions and pillows on, they will make the process harder. 



Most of the time, you’ll have to flip your couch on its side and maneuver it in ways where it can not stay upright. Pillows and cushions will not be able to stay on for the ride. 



3. Remove the Doors



A helpful tip when moving a coach is to remove the door it has to go through. Unscrew the door and place it on the side.



By removing the door, you’re allowing more space for your couch to fit through. Some may even suggest removing the molding around the door frame. 



Most of the time, that is not necessary.



Moving a couch through a door may present some difficulties. The best way to go about it is to stand the couch on one end and hook it through the door.



4. Furniture Sliders



Something to be wary of when moving furniture is the friction between it and the floor. Hardwood floors are especially susceptible to damage and scratches. 



Furniture sliders are pieces of plastic and hard rubber that allow you to slide your furniture across the room. When sliding your furniture, you must push. Do not pull. 



If you cannot slide your furniture, then consider using a furniture dolly. These are floor-friendly and are an easy way to transport your furniture, especially over the carpet. 



While a furniture dolly has wheels to roll your couch, a shoulder dolly, or a furniture strap, is wrapped around your body. These straps will support the weight of the equipment, putting you under less stress. 



5. Protect Your Sofa



This is not a necessary step, but one that can save you a lot of time and money. Protecting your sofa from the harshness of moving can keep it in its prime condition.



Packing paper and furniture wrap will be your best friend here. Wrap the largest sections of your couch with these tools. If there are more protruding sections of the sofa, then use bubble wrap to secure it. 



You may also use cardboard to tape against the corners. Finally, secure your packaging with shrink wrap as the last layer. This will ensure that everything stays intact and that your couch stays protected.



Hiring a Professional Mover



Though you can follow these tips and move your furniture by yourself, it is recommended to hire a professional mover. 



Professional movers are trained in moving furniture in different scenarios, no matter how hard they may be. It can cause fewer headaches to let them handle tight corners, small doorways, and flights of stairs. 



The cost of moving a couch usually depends on your personal quote along with a service rate. But some companies offer additional services such as holding your furniture in their truck for an extended amount of time and junk removal.



You don’t even have to package your furniture, they will do it for you.



Another perk of hiring a professional mover is the amount of time saved. As mentioned before, these people are experienced in this craft.



While it may take you hours to figure out how to move your couch, it can take less than 30 minutes for the movers. 



While they’re busy moving your furniture, you can spend your time handling the other important tasks involved in moving. 



Couch Moving Tips



Moving furniture is a tasking venture, especially moving a couch. Whether it is a loveseat, daybed, or sofa, there are some great couch moving tips you can follow.



After reading the tips listed above, you should feel more confident in moving your furniture. Learning how to move a couch is a valuable skill. However, you should consider hiring a moving service. 



Professional movers will bear the mental and physical exhaustion it takes to move furniture and give you time to handle your own responsibilities.



If you’re moving and are interested in hiring a professional moving service, contact us for more information!