Did you know that the average person owns about 148 pieces of clothing? 




Depending on your lifestyle, this number may seem like a lot or a little. But no matter the size of your closet, packing clothes for a move can feel like a marathon! Moving clothes feels frustrating because of their awkward shapes and care requirements.  




Are you embarking on a big move? Already dreading an avalanche from Mt. Wardrobe? 




Check out these five handy moving hacks for clothes! 




1. Hang Ten




What’s the point of folding up all your clothes just to unfold them in a week? For quick moves, you can leave your clothes right on the hangers. This hack can save time and uses a simple item you probably already have. 



Grab a large trash bag and section off a portion of your closet, usually about ten items. Scoop the bag around your clothes while still hanging on the rack, and tie the drawstrings around the hangers. Stack your bagged bundles carefully during the move. 




When you arrive at your new home, you can easily hang up the whole bundle and remove the bags! No folding, boxing, or re-hanging is required. 




2. Wardrobe for the Win




If you’re moving long-distance or own a lot of expensive clothing, purchasing special wardrobe moving boxes may be worthwhile. Wardrobe boxes are tall and somewhat narrow, with a convenient hanging rack. 




These boxes make it easy to transfer clothes straight from your closet to the box and into your new home. They’re great for moving delicate items that wrinkle easily or items that need to be stored long-term during the move. Plus, you can pack shoes and accessories on the box’s floor!




3. Seal Off-Season




You probably won’t need to access all of your winter coats, swimsuits, and formal attire during the move. Of course, don’t store what you may need! If you’re moving during the winter, pack your favorite coat into your “moving week” suitcase, but store the others. 




Hang your formal attire in a wardrobe moving box and store your winter coats in a vacuum-seal bag. Vacuum-sealing your seasonal clothes will make for easy moving and stacking. 




Be sure to unpack these items shortly after the move; clothes need to have airflow during long-term storage. You can add silica gel packs to your storage bags to help control any moisture or odor. 




4. Care for Footwear




Your shoe collection is probably one of the priciest investments in your closet! The average pair of shoes costs about $75.00, but it’s easy to find shoes today that cost $300 or more. Regardless of how much you’ve spent on footwear, you’ll want to take care of your investments. 




Stuff your boots and sneakers with paper before packing to help them retain their shape. You can use newspaper, but be cautious about the ink rubbing onto light-colored shoes. 




Wrap each pair of shoes in a layer of paper before stacking them in a box or basket. This will keep your shoes from shifting and damaging each other during the move and provide airflow to avoid odors. 




5. Creative Containers




You can use luggage, baskets, and reusable grocery bags to pack and move your wardrobe. Get creative with pillowcases and sleeping bags if you must. These items will have to be moved with you anyway, so you might as well stuff them with clothes!




It’s still important to treat each clothing item with care and gratitude. Fold your clothes as best you can before packing them into baskets and bags. This will save you a lot of time and wrinkles later. 




Bonus Moving Hacks for Clothes




The five packing ideas above are by no means exhaustive. If you can, try to do all of these tasks before packing up for the big move:




  • Launder and repair all clothes
  • Take special items to the dry cleaners
  • Tailor ill-fitting clothes and repair shoes
  • Donate or sell unworn items
  • Pack clothes with dryer sheets for odor control




Although it may seem like a quick fix, leaving your clothes in dresser drawers is not a good idea. Furniture is not designed to support so much weight while moving. The weight of your clothes can damage drawers, seams, and hinges. 




How to Tackle Your Closet in a Day




Life happens, and sometimes you might find yourself pushed for time. If your wardrobe is feeling like an avalanche of clothes, don’t panic. Follow these easy steps to conquer your closet in less than a day:




1. Start Washing




Collect your dirty clothes from the hamper and toss them in the washer. Use a quick speed cycle if you can. The clothes don’t need to be surgically sterile, but they need to be clean before packing. 




If you don’t have a washing machine at home, ask a friend or family member to take them to the laundromat. While clothes are washing, get started on the next steps, and remember to dry and pack them as you go!




2. Clear Out Donations




Chances are, you’ve got some items you hardly ever wear. If it doesn’t fit, is too worn for wear, or you don’t feel happy in it, there’s no sense in bringing it with you. 




Speed through your closet and throw any of these items into a donation box. Keep this box nearby so you can keep adding items as you pack. 




3. Pack Essentials




Next, pack a suitcase or small box of items you’ll likely wear in the next week. This should be everything from your grungy moving clothes to your most-worn work attire. Fold each item neatly and sort by category so you can easily get dressed later. 




4. Everything Else




After all these steps, you may still have a substantial amount of clothing left over. Review the moving ideas above and try to be creative with the clothes you have left! 




Pajamas and T-shirts can be used as padding for fragile items like dishes, photos, and décor. You can use sock bundles instead of paper to stuff sneakers, boots, and even glassware. Ultimately, what matters most is that all your items make it from Point A to Point B!




Moving In Style




Uprooting and moving can feel stressful and overwhelming. Luckily, with these moving hacks for clothes, you can rest assured that your wardrobe will travel safely. Remember to take frequent breaks while packing and ask for help when you need it! 




Finding a caring, professional moving company is the best way to ensure all your items arrive in perfect condition. Smooth Move is dedicated to providing swift, quality moving services anywhere in South Carolina.