Winter is almost here. The low temperatures and winter storms might be unforgiving.  So, do you know how to prepare for a move?



Moving before winter arrives saves you from the colder temperatures and icy roads. Besides, there is less competition when looking for a home at this time of the year.



But if you want to make moving before winter easier, hiring a moving company’s services is the best option.



A moving company will ensure the safe packaging and transportation of your goods. You will also have peace of mind knowing professionals are handling your property. However, this does not mean that you leave all the work to the moving company.



You can make the moving process efficient and safe by making the right preparations. If you have no ideas on the proper preparations to make, worry no more.



Here are the nine tips on how to prepare before winter arrives.



1. Clear Outdoor Pathways



Before winter, a lot of leaves might be lying around. Chances are, other items could be blocking the pathway, too. Before the moving day, you need to get rid of the leaves and other items that could be blocking the way.



The last thing you would want is to get injured on a moving day. Besides, unblocking the pathways will make it easy for the moving trucks to access your home.



2. Cover Your Carpet or Hardwood Floors



When moving, it would not be wise to damage the floor. During the moving day, movers will frequently walk in and out of the house. Chances are their shoes will track in dirt and mud.



To prevent the floor from getting damaged, you can consider covering it with layers of plastic or rugs around the house.



3. Turn Off Your Furnace



Before winter sets in, the temperatures might start dropping. But if they are not below freezing point, turning off your furnace might be the best option. With the front door wide open, your furnace will not be heating efficiently.



Cold air will be getting into the house with warm air streaming out. By turning off the furnace, you will save energy bills and avoid having the furnace operating nonstop.



4. Make Sure Your New Home Is Set for Unpacking



When moving, you have to keep in mind that it gets dark much earlier as winter approaches. This means if you are moving over long distances, you might not have much time to unpack. For this reason, you must get your new home ready for unpacking.



You must ensure the pathways are clear. This will make it easy for the trucks to access your new home. You will also need to have the house clean in advance to save time on a moving day. 



But if unpacking your items at night is unavoidable, you must make sure there is enough exterior lighting.



5. Don’t Pack What You Don’t Need



After living in one place for a long time, you end up accumulating a lot of stuff. By now, some of the items might have been damaged or worn out. Moving with such items would just be a waste of time and effort.



Therefore, go through your belongings and set aside the items you will not need. You can consider decluttering such items or giving them away. Getting rid of these items will reduce your baggage and the cost of moving.



6. Prepare for Inclement Weather



During the moving day, it’s good to hope for fair weather. But since weather conditions are beyond your control, you need to be prepared. Make sure to have raincoats and umbrellas within your reach. It would be unfortunate to start unpacking your items in search of an umbrella or a raincoat.



During the moving day, you must also be sure your items are properly wrapped. Proper wrapping of items makes sure they are safe from harsh weather conditions.



7. Planning a Morning Move



As winter approaches, days get shorter. The last thing you would want is to get to your destination after sunset. For this reason, planning a morning move would be the best option. When moving, chances are you will have delicate items that need special care when handling.



With a morning move, there is usually no rush. Hence such items are given special attention. Besides, a morning move makes it possible to get to your destination early.



8. Plan a Safe Transport Route



With days being shorter as winter approaches, the last thing you would want is to get stranded in an unfamiliar location. For this reason, you must choose your transport route wisely. You must make sure the route you pick is safe and has minimal traffic.



Besides, you must be sure the roads in that route are well maintained. However, if you hire a moving company, you will be advised on the best route to follow.



9. Hire a Moving Company



Moving from your old house to a new one might be a strenuous task. If you have a busy schedule, packing your items ready for transportation might not be possible. Besides, you might not have all the types of equipment needed to handle your property during the moving day safely.



In saving yourself all the hustle, it’s better to hire the services of a moving company. Hiring a local moving company will save you time and make sure your belongings are safely packed.



Besides, a moving company may offer you a warranty. Such warranty will have any item damaged during the moving process replaced for you.



However, don’t just hire any moving company out there. Some moving companies might not have the required experience and equipment needed to move your goods safely. It’s always necessary to hire licensed, experienced, and insured local movers.



You Now Know How to Prepare for a Move



Moving from your previous house to a new one can be a daunting and strenuous task, especially if it’s just before winter. But, if you know how to prepare for a move, moving before winter becomes easy.



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