While the warm weather of spring hasn’t quite come to stay, we’re pretty sure this summer will have more than a few hot days. When those high temperatures arrive, what will happen to the things you have in storage? If you haven’t thought about it, you’re not alone. But at Smooth Move, we have. We have climate controlled storage solutions that will keep your belongings in great shape no matter what the weather does.

Why Choose Climate Controlled Storage?

Outdoor storage units are susceptible to whatever is happening around them. If the weather’s hot and humid, so is the inside of your unit. If there’s torrential rain and high winds, any cracks or openings make your unit vulnerable to leaks. Anything that’s inside can be affected. Plastics could melt, fabrics could be damaged, and just about anything could start to lose its freshness or deteriorate.

Why Choose Smooth Move?

There are lots of options for storage in Rock Hill, SC or Charleston, SC. Only Smooth Move gives you top-notch service from start to finish. We’ll help you pack a mobile storage pod if you don’t want to do it yourself. We’ll pick it up and place it in our secure, climate controlled facility. When you’re ready, we’ll bring it back to you. Everything’s insured and we’re always looking out for you.

To learn more about climate controlled storage options and rates, call Smooth Move or get a free online quote. You’ll be amazed at how easy things are when you work with us!