There are many benefits to choosing mobile storage containers for your next move. In addition to being extremely convenient, these types of storage units also keep your belongings protected from the elements. But what happens to those mobile storage containers after they leave your home? As it turns out, not all storage facilities in the Charlotte, NC area are equal. A climate controlled storage warehouse gives you many additional benefits. Here are four:

  1. Temperature matters. Temperatures below 32 degrees or above 90 degrees can cause damage to your belongings. Here in the Charlotte, NC area, we routinely experience weather that falls outside of those extremes. Climate controlled storage protects your things from the cold and heat.
  2. So does humidity. Even if we have a “cooler” summer, you can bet the humidity will still be high. The higher the humidity, the greater the risk that bugs, mold, mildew, and rust will damage your things.
  3. How long will you need the storage unit? If you’re just needing to store your possessions for a few days, climate control probably doesn’t matter. But most people who choose mobile storage containers have longer-term needs. In this case, a climate controlled storage warehouse can help your things stay fresh, clean, and protected.
  4. Is your comfort important? Will you be making frequent trips to the storage facility? If so, you may want an enclosed, comfortable area while you visit your unit.

As a local moving company, we always keep the best interests of our clients in mind. That’s why Smooth Move invested in a climate controlled storage warehouse for our mobile storage containers. Reserve your container today for your Charlotte, NC area move.