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Is Moving Yourself Cheaper? 3 Costs to Consider

Working with a local mover in Rock Hill or Charleston is the best way to make one of life's most stressful situations hassle-free. However, many people insist on trying to tackle this job themselves because they think it will be cheaper. But before you do, the experts...

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Watch Out for These 3 Hidden Moving Costs

Are you thinking of buying a new home? If so, you've probably already considered some of the most common moving expenses. However, there are some financial needs that are easily overlooked. At Smooth Move, Rock Hill and Charleston's favorite local mover, we want you...

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Don’t Forget to Plan for These Moving Expenses

So you've decided to move—now what? Of course, deciding where to move and finding the perfect home are important. But so are all the steps in the relocation process. Some of these can create extra expenses that you may not have considered. Here at Smooth Move, our...

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Why Do Moving Supplies Matter?

What's one of the things people get the most anxious about when they're moving to the Fort Mill, SC area? Although there are several things that will be on the top of everyone's mind, the safety and security of your belongings is definitely one that may cause a little...

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Beat the Heat With Climate Controlled Storage

While the warm weather of spring hasn't quite come to stay, we're pretty sure this summer will have more than a few hot days. When those high temperatures arrive, what will happen to the things you have in storage? If you haven't thought about it, you're not alone....

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Remodeling? Rent a Mobile Storage Pod

For most homeowners, remodeling projects are exciting. After all, it gives you the best of both worlds. You get to stay in the home and neighborhood you love while updating and upgrading your living spaces. However, remodeling can also be stressful, mostly because you...

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Mobile Storage Pod: A Safe Choice for Businesses

In today's business environment, companies need more flexibility than ever before. Things change rapidly, including how your company is run and how resources are used. Many managers and CEOs are looking to maximize efficiency in every way possible, including how space...

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