Working with a local mover in Rock Hill or Charleston is the best way to make one of life’s most stressful situations hassle-free. However, many people insist on trying to tackle this job themselves because they think it will be cheaper. But before you do, the experts at Smooth Move want you to consider these three costs of moving yourself:

  1. Truck rental: Unless you have access to a free commercial vehicle, you’ll have to pay for a moving truck. Costs vary by company and the amount of time you keep the truck. Mileage may also play a factor. (Some people try to avoid this by recruiting their friends with pickup trucks. This may not be the best strategy if you want to keep those friends!)
  2. Moving supplies: Professional movers have access to high-grade blankets and other supplies to keep your belongings safe. You’ll have to find these on your own if you move yourself—or risk damaging a lot of precious items.
  3. Insurance: Insurance is probably one of the things that makes hiring a professional moving company most worth it. If you do it yourself, you’ll want to make sure you have insurance on your belongings (to cover the replacement cost if they’re broken during the move) and on the moving truck you’ve rented (in case you have an accident while the truck is in your possession). Local moving companies already have this coverage and can explain it to you in detail.

Don’t take a chance during such a busy time in your life. Hire Smooth Move and let us take care of everything for you. We’ll pack up your home, move everything, and unpack it at your new location. There’s no easier way to move—and it may cost less than you think!