When you have decided to move, the sooner you begin packing, the more efficient you will be.


Pack non-essentials a few weeks before your moving day. It’s good to arrange where all your furniture will go a few weeks before your move and dispose of any items you don’t want to take.


As for furniture that can be disassembled the question is, can movers take apart furniture? Check out our guide for the answers to common moving questions and learn why hiring moving companies is beneficial.



What Are the Benefits of Hiring Movers?


Moving can be a difficult experience for you and your family, particularly if you are making a long-distance move. It is advised that you use a full-service mover company to make things simpler and less stressful. Here are three ways that a mover may help you relax throughout your move:


Save Time

Moving on your own may be difficult, and what should be a three-hour move may soon develop into an all-day affair.

In most circumstances, you only have a limited period of time to complete your move. Rushing to finish your move might result in several problems, including missed time and damaged or missing things.

You will accomplish your move quickly and efficiently if you select a full-service mover for the job.


Save Money

If you don’t prepare ahead of time, moving might end up being costly. Last-minute costs like gas, meals, and hiring last-minute assistance may quickly add up. You may have to replace anything that has been damaged or lost.

Rather than handling everything yourself, a moving company can offer you a complete quote and a timeline. That will give you a clear picture of what to anticipate during your move and give you time to prepare ahead.


Get Professional Help

The following are some of the advantages of hiring a professional moving company to pack your belongings:

  • every single item is carefully packaged and handled
  • to safeguard your belongings, high-quality packaging materials are used
  • reduces the probability of objects being misplaced, damaged, or forgotten

To prevent any stress and strain, you can hire a moving company. They will offer the right professional help that you need to move stress-free.



How Do I Correctly Pack My Items?


When moving, packing is a necessary activity, no matter how much you dislike it. Do not throw stuff into boxes at random, regardless of how you decide to perform the job.

To begin packing your boxes, walk through each room and sort your belongings into three piles:

  • To keep
  • To donate
  • To throw away

If you haven’t touched it or worn it in the last year, donate it or throw it away. Allow the whole family to participate by asking them to follow this guideline while sifting through their belongings. If you’re unsure whether to keep or throw anything, consider this hesitation your answer and discard it.



Do Movers Take Apart Furniture?


Yes, if requested, movers will disassemble your furniture!

Moving is a challenging process in general, and that goes without saying. However, you must admit that certain items are far more difficult to move than others. That is because they are:

  • Very heavy
  • Shaped awkwardly
  • Extremely fragile
  • Highly valuable

As a result, you will be looking for some answers on how to deal with certain things when you’re moving from your current house, including the following:

  • how to deal with your big furniture pieces
  • how to safely remove them from your previous home
  • how to avoid property damage and personal accidents while lifting and carrying
  • how to load them onto the moving company’s vehicle and guarantee their safety during transportation
  • how to unpack them upon arrival and transport them without so much as a scratch to your new location

The only way to accomplish such a task is to disassemble your furniture before moving and then reassemble it in your new house. Depending on circumstances, you may need some help.



What Is the Cost of Moving and Furniture Disassembly and Reassembly?


Furniture dismantling and reassembly services are available for an extra fee from moving firms. It is dependent on the job’s complexity. More complicated furniture will require more time and effort to disassemble.

It will also be determined by the nature of your relocation and the particular tariffs of the moving company you choose. Each moving service creates a list of the additional services it provides and charges accordingly for them.


A Local Move

You’ll be charged an hourly fee if you’re relocating locally. The total cost of moving will be determined by the number of hours it takes the moving staff to complete the work from beginning to end.

You have the option to request any extra services you need, such as:

  • packing smaller items into boxes
  • disassembly and reassembly of furniture
  • unpacking of boxes

But, of course, the more specific services you request, the more time your move is going to take. You’ll have to pay for the extra time, of course.


A Long-Distance Move

Relocating charges are estimated depending on the overall weight of your cargo and the actual distance to your new house if you’re moving long-distance.

The new movers may be unfamiliar with your furniture items and may be unable to reassemble them.



Relocate With Peace of Mind


Every moving day has its glitches! Although it’s always better to go with the flow and assume everything is ok, how you prepare to move out has a significant impact on how effortlessly everything goes when you move in.

We hope we have clarified the answer to the question “Do movers take apart furniture?” in this article.

Any successful move involves some early planning and preparation. Make the most of the circumstance by starting early or hiring a full-service mover.

Above all things, a professional moving company can provide you with peace of mind. They’ll take care of every detail of your move so you can concentrate on more essential matters.

Contact us if you have any queries regarding moving services.  We will then provide you with a personalized quote designed perfectly for you.