Are you preparing for a move and wondering how you will pack your beloved book collection?



Facing all those books when planning a move can be overwhelming! Whether you have delicate collectible books or piles of paperbacks, book lovers want to ensure that every book is safely transported to its new home. 



If you have a small personal library or an extensive collection, we have you covered with our expert packing tips specifically for book packing. In this blog post, we are sharing expert packing tips to help you move your books safely.




Packing Books Properly




If you have piles of books to pack, chances are you are a book lover and already know your books need protection and preservation. If only for yourself, keeping books in their best condition allows you to enjoy them for years to come and then pass them down to future generations. Books are delicate and can damage easily during transport. 



Factors like moisture, dust, or rough handling are just a few reasons to take special care of your books during packing and moving is important. If not handled properly, books can quickly succumb to mold, mildew, ripped pages, and damaged spines.


Tips for Moving Your Book Collection




Assess and Sort

Assessing and sorting books by size and type, hardback, soft cover, large, small, and so on, is crucial for smooth packing and moving. Packing is also a perfect time to donate or sell books you no longer want or need. Another assessing and sorting tip includes considering which room you will showcase particular books in your new home.



Gather Supplies

Essential book packing supplies include sturdy boxes in various sizes, bubble wrap, packing paper, packing tape, and a good marker or labeling system for packed boxes. If you have book sleeves or book jackets stored away, be sure to place them back on your books for extra protection. Sustainable options for bubble wrap or packing paper include clean towels or clothing. Boxes with built-in handles are excellent options for packing heavy books.



Prepare Books for Packing

Now that you have your books sorted and packing supplies on hand, it is time to prepare your books for packing. Properly packing books involves more than just sticking them in boxes. Start by wiping down the books to remove dust. Remove bookmarks, sticky notes, or loose items from the books. Anything stuck to or inside a book can cause damage while the book is packed away or during transit.



Special Collection or Fragile Books

Special edition, collectible or fragile books require extra care to preserve their value and keep them in optimal condition. Wrap each special edition or fragile book individually in acid-free tissue paper and place it snugly in the appropriate box size with added padding. It is important to clearly mark boxes holding special, fragile books as “fragile” or “special edition” to help remind movers or friends to take special care with the boxes. If these books will be stored in boxes for any time, keeping them in a climate-controlled storage area is critical.



Labeling and Organizing Packed Books

Packing books in an organized fashion will help you find and unpack when you arrive at your new home. As you pack, sort books into boxes by the room where you will want to display then clearly label each box with a description of the contents. For example, you can label by genre or category and then state a room like “living room” or “office.” Organizing and labeling will help you efficiently identify and unpack books upon arrival.



Handling Boxes of Packed Books

Boxes full of books require proper lifting techniques and caution to prevent injury and damage to books. Packed books are heavy, so carrying one box at a time with a firm grip on the sides is advisable. It is also important to avoid hurrying and take your time when moving. Taking care to be aware of any obstacles, uneven surfaces, stairs, or slick flooring.



Benefits of Hiring Professional Local Movers

Moving books takes extra care to preserve the books and the people moving them. For example, hiring a local mover to move your books may be the best option if you have a large book collection.



Knowledge, Expertise, and Equipment

Local movers understand your community, including traffic routes, parking regulations, and weather conditions. In addition, professional movers will have the right equipment, including dollys, back supports, walking ramps for loading and unloading trucks, and other helpful equipment for local moves.



Packing & Handling

Professional local movers are skilled in packing and handling all household items, including books and fragile items. Most moving companies offer packing services and will know the best packing techniques to use for all types of books.



Time-Saving & Convenient

Moving is challenging and time-consuming. Hiring a local moving company is convenient and saves valuable time and energy.



Insurance Coverage

Moving companies often provide insurance coverage for items during a move. Protect your valuable book collection in case of accidents or unforeseen incidents during transit by hiring a professional moving company that offers insurance.



Reduced Risk of Injury

Moving often leads to injuries when people take a DIY route. Professional movers are experienced in working with heavy items. A professional moving team is trained in proper lifting techniques and the right equipment to help during a move minimizing the risk of injury to people or possessions.


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