Most Americans consider moving to be one of the most stressful events in life, and it’s easy to see why. With packing, logistics, and costs to consider, the sheer number of details to organize is extremely overwhelming. 



One moving detail that is often overlooked has to do with the first few days in your new home. When packing for the move, many families neglect to bring everything they’ll need during the period when the majority of their things are either in boxes or still being transported by a moving company. 



While it may be tempting to simply toss some clothes into a suitcase and wait until you’re all unpacked, you’ll likely only cause yourself further stress when you need to rush to the store and buy something you unthinkingly shoved into a box.



 By taking the time to prepare for this awkward interval between moving and settling, you’ll make the first few days in your new home all the more enjoyable.



Read on for a guide to everything you should bring with you when moving into a new home. And to reduce the stress of moving even further, start planning your fresh start with Smooth Move.



What to Bring First When Moving to a New House



Below you’ll find a list of everything you’ll need for a seamless transition into your new home. Check these essentials off of your list and stay stress-free throughout the notoriously stressful process.






After a long day of moving, the one thing you’ll want more than anything is a hot shower, including:



  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Soap
  • Toothpaste and a toothbrush
  • Deodorant



Avoid having to make a late run to the grocery store by making sure you have everything for your daily routine stowed away in your travel bag (even mini-sized bottles will do—not to mention they’ll take up less space). Your future self will thank you after a long day of moving when you can reward yourself with a hot shower.



Quick Meals and Utensils



Even if all of your utensils weren’t stowed away in a box, it’s likely you’d be too tired after a day of moving to test out your new kitchen. In this case, quick and easy meals are exactly what you and your family need. Avoid ordering in—which only adds to your moving expenses—and make sure you bring along some grab-and-go items like granola bars or nuts.



Additionally, it’s unlikely you’ll want to spend the time and money on a large grocery run even once you uncover your kitchen utensils. Picking up some cereal or sandwich ingredients can make for an easy meal with minimal fuss. Make sure to bring along disposable cutlery and utensils so you can enjoy a meal without thinking about dishes.



A Toolbox



Fewer things are worse than being without a hammer or screwdriver when you really need one—and you’ll never know exactly what to expect in a new home. Even a  small kit of just the essential tools will prove invaluable when setting up a piece of furniture, hanging a painting, or making a small repair. At the minimum, make sure you bring along the following tools:



  • Hammer
  • Screwdriver (ideally with heads in various sizes)
  • Tape measure
  • Scissors
  • Box cutter


Basic Cleaning Supplies



Once you arrive at your new home, you’ll want to give it a good scrubbing before you start unpacking. To save money and time spent at the store, make sure you bring along a few basic cleaning supplies to get your home ready for its new decor. Some of the most useful cleaning supplies include:



  • Glass cleaner
  • Multi surface cleaner
  • A trash can and trash bags
  • Dish soap
  • Cleaning rags
  • Toilet paper
  • A broom and a mop
  • Vacuum


Shower Curtains and Towels



Similar to toiletries, shower curtains and towels are essential for taking a hot shower after a long moving day. Be sure to pick up a shower curtain in advance so it’s readily available for use once you get to your new home. In terms of towels, they aren’t just needed for the shower. Make sure you bring along not only bath towels, but also hand towels, kitchen towels, and washcloths to avoid being forced to let wet surfaces air dry.






While moving involves a lot of long days and hard work, you and your family will need to take some time to yourselves each day to relieve stress. Plus, for those who are having their belongings shipped by a professional moving company, you may spend some time waiting for the truck to arrive. Some good options for portable entertainment include:



  • Books
  • Handheld game consoles
  • Journals
  • Puzzles
  • Portable movie player



For families, take advantage of this downtime and spend some quality time together. Consider competing in a handheld video game or tackling a puzzle as a group. Or, bring along some board games and turn a boring evening into a classic family movie night. Regardless of your chosen activity, make sure to bring something that will ease your stress and get you ready for the next day in your new home.



A Seamless Moving Experience Every Time



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