About 40 million Americans pack up their things and move each year. Aside from having to find a home and tying up loose ends, packing is another essential aspect of moving that movers must understand in order for the move to go smoothly. 




Packing many things like dishes and clothing seems simple enough, but what about your furniture? How can you protect your furniture as you move?




If you’re getting ready to move, here are some furniture packing hacks from furniture moves in Charleston. 





Gather Supplies





In order to keep your furniture protected, you’ll need specific supplies. These might include:




  • Bubble or protective wrap
  • Furniture blankets to avoid damage and provide cushion
  • Packing tape
  • Rope
  • Plastic bags for parts




These supplies give your furniture protection, and you can purchase them at any hardware store or online. If you have a lot of items, make sure to buy multiples of each item so you have more than enough supplies. 





Make A List





You’ll want to make a list of all the furniture items you want to move. Chances are, you might not want to take everything or you may need to donate or throw away old items. To keep track of the items you want to move, write down all the ones you’re taking. 




Also, making a list prevents you from overbuying on packing supplies. Before you buy the appropriate amount of supplies, write down what furniture pieces you’re moving. 










Another piece of furniture packing advice is to clean your furniture before you begin packing and wrapping everything up. Some furniture gets dusty or dirty and this makes it difficult to package up. You also don’t want to arrive at your new home and have to clean furniture!




Take some time to dust and wipe down your pieces. Empty couch cushions and vacuum any lingering debris. If you want to, you can even clean the upholstery.










Some furniture moves more easily when you disassemble it. Pieces like tables, desks, certain couches, or others create space for larger furniture items. When you get to your new home, you can assemble them in the space you want them. 




Take pictures of your disassembled furniture so you know how to put it back together if you no longer have the instructions. Be sure to pack up your pieces properly so they don’t get lost, label them all, and keep them in a safe place as you move. 




For tables, if you can, remove the legs because this will make them easier to move and store. 





Hire Movers





If you have a lot of furniture or you want extra protection for your furniture pieces, sometimes the best packing hack is to hire movers to move your furniture. 




Movers are trained and educated on the best ways to pack up and move furniture so it stays safe and protected. They take extra precautions to ensure that your best pieces stay in perfect condition, doing all the work for you. For people moving long distances or even to avoid packing it all up yourself, hiring movers is one of the best choices. 










Have you ever tried to move a piece of furniture and it ended up being too big for your doorway? Before you move into your new home, measure your furniture and your doorways to ensure that furniture will fit through the door and in the room. This way, you avoid clunky pieces in rooms where you’d rather not have furniture. 




Knobs, Handles, and Wheels




Despite your best efforts to package and protect well, knobs and handles on desks or drawers may still cause damage or be knocked off during a move. If you have furniture with wheels, you’ll want to take extra precautions as well, so it stays stable during your move. 





Remove all the knobs, handles, and wheels from your furniture just in case. Collect them in a bag and label the bag so you remember which ones go where. 





Protect Edges




Furniture pieces like tables and desks, and even some couches or chairs, have hard edges that need protection. In addition to wrapping your furniture in wrapping or furniture blankets, use cardboard to protect the hard edges so they don’t become dented or dent any other items. 




You’ll want to use heavy-duty cardboard for other pieces like mirrors, televisions, and glass as well. If the glass is removable, be sure to package it separately and label it to avoid damage. 




Some companies do sell boxes and cardboard specifically designed for delicate and fragile pieces, so look for these if you want extra protection. 





Empty Everything





Furniture pieces like bookcases or desk drawers should be emptied before your move. Most furniture is very heavy and the additional weight makes it challenging and almost impossible to move. Not removing items also subjects them to damage as well. 





Drawers in your desks may also move around during your transport, so securing them is important as well. 





Take Your Time





Moving entails a lot of work, so try packing up furniture you’re not going to use several weeks before you move. This way, you won’t feel disorganized or rushed when it comes time to pack the moving truck. If your move allows, give yourself at least 8-12 weeks to pack up and label all your things. 





Use These Furniture Packing Tips Today From Furniture Moves in Charleston





With these furniture packing hacks from furniture moves in Charleston, you can rest assured that your furniture should stay safe and protected. 




Take your time and package carefully so you can enjoy a smooth and successful move.