You’re going to face many challenges during your local or long distance move.


From coordinating with your family and updating addresses and utility companies, to packing and loading itself to handling real estate related items — it’s quite a lot to put on any one person’s plate. 


While moving larger items can present enough of a challenge, very often smaller, more fragile items can be equally challenging.


A whirlwind of activity around your moving event can mean some of those fragile items can slip through the cracks and, quite literally, get cracked and damaged.


Identify Your Most Fragile Items


A smart, efficient move starts with a list – these lists often can be broken down by room (living room, bedroom, etc.), but creating a “fragile items” list can help you identify which items need to be handled a bit differently from your regular household items.


Start With Proper Packing


Depending on the item, “proper packing” could include a variety of different packing tools, of which we talk about extensively in our blog


Generally speaking, estimating and fitting a right size container or box, along with extra padding ( these could include packing peanuts, bubble wrap, newspaper — whatever you feel works best ) and can help you pack up that fragile item securely.


Load Tightly (And Carefully)


Not only should you pack your fragile item tight in the container or box you choose, it should be loaded tightly in whatever vehicle you choose. 


Often fragile items are lighter in weight, so that means they’ll be prone to move around in your vehicle or truck if they’re not loaded tightly. 


Unload Carefully


You’ve come this far keeping your items safe, so don’t let the unloading process be the place where things fall apart.


Move your packed up fragile items into your new home or apartment and make sure they’re out of the way when the larger, more sturdy items get moved.


Keeping them tucked away helps make sure they don’t get accidentally bumped or packed-on-top-of by those heavier items.


Use A Professional Moving Company


Experience can go a long way toward a successful move. 


Having a professional moving company handle your move means you can lean on that experience, which can be especially helpful for handling fragile items.


With that experience comes the tools and knowledge in handling those fragile items, including the right packing & loading techniques. 


Moving is a difficult process, especially concerning fragile items, but with the right tools and moving team that process can go much more smoothly this year.