Moving companies take the heavy lifting and hard work out of moving. They will take care of everything from packing boxes to loading and unloading the truck so that you can focus your time and energy on other aspects of moving.

Do you have a big move coming up, and are contemplating whether or not to hire a moving company? Let’s check out what they can do for you.

They Can Supply The Boxes and Packing Materials

Collecting boxes, or buying boxes, padding to wrap fragile items, and packing tape can be one of the most time-consuming things about moving that does not even feel like you are being productive.

Oh, and don’t forget the markers to mark the outside of the boxes so that you know what is in them, and which room they go in.

A moving company will bring not only good quality boxes to put your belongings in, but they will bring the ones that have the handy label printed on them so that they can write which room they packed into it, and what the box contains.

This method beats scribbling “living room” or “kitchen” any day. They will also bring the other packing gear that they need to save you a trip to the store.

They Can Do The Packing

Oh, packing boxes. Even someone who does not procrastinate will end up putting off packing boxes to prepare for a move. It’s a daunting task.

We get distracted by our own belongings and easily overwhelmed by the amount of stuff we have that packing easily takes way longer than we planned for.

They’re Bringing the Moving Truck

Renting a moving truck can be tricky because unless you are an expert, you will not know which size you will need to fit all of your belongings. Hopefully, you will only have to make one trip. But, if you choose a size too small you would end up having to make several trips which can be exhausting.

Another hassle about renting a moving truck is that you have to take so many steps just to get it to your house. You have to make a deposit and pay for it, take a walk around inspection of the truck when you pick it up, you have to go early in the morning and pick it up, have someone bring you, make sure that you get it back on time, and drop it off when you are finished.

And, don’t forget to fill it up with gas!

Not only will you have to do all of that, but you will actually have to drive the truck, too. And, park it properly in a way that it doesn’t block the neighbor’s driveways or the street traffic.

Hire a moving company with great reviews to give you (and your neighbors) some peace of mind.

They’ll Load All Of Your Boxes Onto the Truck

So, all of the boxes are packed and neatly stacked up. Now what?

The crew of movers will have all of it loaded up into the moving truck before you even knew what happened. It may take a bunch of trips in and out of the door, possibly up and down the steps and up the ramp of the moving truck. But, you will not have to lift a finger.

Lifting Furniture

Moving boxes is one thing, but what about all of your heavy, bulky, awkward furniture or trying to move a piano? Do not worry, the movers will take care of all of it for you.

Every couch, bed, table, and dresser. In and out of every doorway without damaging walls or your furniture. And, up and down every set of stairs in the home, straight into the moving truck safely. Done.

They’re Doing The Driving

Now, to get that moving truck which is packed full to the new home. Maneuvering a truck that is most likely larger than anything you have ever driven before carefully around corners all without shaking up the contents of the truck too much is tricky. The movers are professionals and have it all under control, though.

They’ll Unload Your Boxes

The moving truck is parked in the driveway of your new home, but it is still full. Will you have to unload it yourself? No way!

The same crew that loaded up the moving truck with your belongings will be unloading every box. All you have to do is unlock and open the door. And, remember that they packed the boxes and labeled them, so they know where they should go once brought into the home.

Need Junk Removal, Too?

Not everything in your current home will be going with you to your new residence. You can add junk removal to your mover’s to-do list. Whether it be junk from inside of the house, or from the outside, they will gladly tackle the task.

They Do All the Work, You Get All the Thanks

Hiring a moving company is possibly one of the smartest things you will ever decide to do. Moving is exhausting mentally and physically. And, it is rare that it only takes one person to move the contents of a home.

Your friends will be glad that they don’t have to help you move, or bring their pickup truck over for you to use. They may be nice folks that are willing to help but surely they don’t want to move your boxes and furniture any more than you do. Both of your backs will be thanking you, too, as moving can be hard on your lower back!

Moving Companies to the Rescue

Take the hard work out of moving by hiring someone to do it for you. Moving companies know how to get it all done swiftly, safely, and with a smile. For questions or scheduling your movers, contact South Carolina’s most reliable moving company, Smooth Move.