Did you know that 22% of adults in the United States moved due to the COVID-19 pandemic? That was back in 2020, and the moving rates have only gotten higher.


Of course, COVID isn’t the only reason to move. Many people decide they want a fresh start or have to move for work. Does this sound like you? If so, you probably want to know if it is worth your while to hire a moving company.


Many people attempt to pack and move alone, but there is no denying that movers provide several benefits. For more information, keep reading this post.



Look at Your Timeline 


When you sit down and think, “should I hire a moving company?”, look at your timeline. How many days, weeks, or months do you have to get out of your old home?


Many people who move for work have a deadline, while others have buyers who close on their house and want to move in straight away. Whatever your situation is, sit down with a calendar and try to calculate if you have enough time to pack, clean, and move by yourself.


If you are in a time crunch, that may signal that you should find movers to help you out. They will save you the trouble of packing and hauling everything into the moving truck.


Not only that, but they will even drive your stuff to your new home. That frees up your time to focus on all other moving stressors, like changing your utilities and finding schools for your children.



Look at Your Inventory


One of the best moving tips is to look at your home inventory. You should get a pad of paper and pen and walk around every room in your house. Make categories per room and write down every piece of furniture and other items.


That method will help you calculate the number of things you have that need to go into boxes. You will also see a comprehensive list of the big furniture that has to go into the moving truck.


The thing is, you don’t realize how much stuff you have until you write it down on paper. Chances are, you do not want to handle packing all of that.


Or, maybe you can handle the packing, but you don’t want to load it onto the truck. Hiring movers would solve all of your problems. Plus, the checklist is handy when you have to give the moving company you choose an item inventory for your estimate.



Think About the Difficulties of DIY 


In essence, DIY projects seem easy at first. However, once you get into the task of packing and moving, you might find that it adds a whole new world of anxiety to your life.


Before you decide to perform your move on your own, take a moment to think about how you will handle small issues. What if the couch is too heavy? What is something that doesn’t quite fit through the door?


All of those problems come up daily for professional movers. That means they know how to problem solve and keep a level head.



Hire Packers, Then DIY the Rest


When it comes to moving, there are several avenues you can consider that will help you decide when to hire a moving company and what type of movers will help.


The first option is to enlist self-pack movers, then do the rest on your own. Maybe you decide that you can handle things once everything is on the truck.


Your primary problem is packing and loading. Self-pack movers will come into your home, get your boxes situated, and move things onto the vehicle for you.


Once that job is over, your movers are done and will leave. After that, it is up to you to get your items and family to your new home.


Full-Service Movers


If you decide you don’t want to do anything regarding your move, full-service movers are the best option. Many of these companies will have several options to hire them for packing, loading, transportation, and unloading. You can choose all of the services or a few.


That is up to you and what part of moving you wish to perform. For instance, if you can handle the packing, the movers will load, transport, and unload everything for you.


When you speak with your local movers, voice any concerns or questions about their services. They should be more than willing to let you know what they offer and their prices.



Take a Look at Your Budget 


The next determining factor about hiring movers is your financial budget. How much can you afford to put into your move without breaking the bank? Believe it or not, but DIY moves cost more than employing professionals.


That is because you have to pay for all of the materials, like:


  • Boxes
  • Tape
  • Bubble wrap
  • Newspaper
  • Moving Truck
  • Cleaning supplies


All of those items add up after a while. When you hire professional movers, you pay for each box in your home, plus the loading and transportation costs. At first, it may seem pricey, but it will save you money in the long run.



Hire Moving Company When There Is No One Else


Maybe you ask around your friends and family in hopes that someone will lend a helping hand. However, finding willing volunteers for a moving project may prove difficult because many hate the process of packing and loading a vehicle up with boxes.


If you find no one else to help you, hiring professionals will add several benefits.



Find Professional Movers


Many people are wary of professional movers because about 13,000 people report moving scams per year. However, there are ways to get around these problems.


Be sure to check online reviews across multiple websites. By doing that, you can weed out what the primary issue is with each company.


Along with that, call the company up and ask them questions about their qualifications and get their USDOT number. That will ensure they have a license to work as a moving company. By speaking with the movers, you can determine who is legitimate or not.



Hire a Moving Company 


As you can tell, there are several reasons to hire a moving company. Not only will they help you pack your house and load it on the truck, but they will transport everything straight to your new residence.


That relieves an extreme amount of stress and allows you to focus on other things like transferring your bills and getting your children set up with school.


At Go Smooth Move, we offer a variety of services in South Carolina. If you want to hire professional movers, contact us today and receive a free quote.