Moving large items to your new home in Charleston, South Carolina?


Before you try to entice your friends to help with pizza or promises of a barbeque, keep in mind that, while scrapes and broken fingers are common enough moving accidents, more serious injuries like back injuries also occur. 



Attempting to move furnishings on your own or with others who are unaccustomed to lifting and moving heavy items might just be an invitation to a Charleston emergency room. Before you try moving large items on your own, be sure you understand the risks.






Moving large items to your new Charleston home may seem like a good idea because it may save you money; that is, unless you get hurt in the process. Even if you’re physically fit and active, you may not be accustomed to moving heavy and cumbersome furnishings or have the training for lifting large, heavy items.



 In fact, you may be putting yourself at risk needlessly. With the right equipment like appliance dollies, you might not have to risk putting your back out at all. 



Some of the most common injuries associated with moving to a new home involve broken bones in the hands or feet. If you’ve ever had a broken finger or toe, you know that these breaks can be extremely painful. 



Moreover, if you injure your hands and feet when moving large items, you could be unable to work, which could involve serious and unexpected expenses for you and your family. 



Some injuries involved with moving furniture and other large items such as heavy boxes can lead to serious back injuries. If you slip a disc, for instance, you could be in pain for months. Many back injuries necessitate major lifestyle changes like staying off your feet for a long period of time or even surgery. 



The potential for injuries are even greater when your move involves stairs or tight corners. A single awkward move of your body or a misstep on a stair can lead to a hospital visit. Moreover, as we age, the risk for injury becomes greater yet. 



Moving furniture in your 30s, 40s, and 50s may not go as smoothly as when you moved it in your 20s. 



Broken Items



When you’re unaccustomed to moving large items, the risk of breaking or damaging the items you’re moving also increases. Boxes of dishes, bulky wood dressers, oddly shaped tables–tripping a carpet or stair can lead to lots of broken china or busted handles, drawers, and shelves. 



Even moving large items with a group of friends or family members may not reduce those risks. People who don’t have furniture-moving experience may find it difficult to coordinate moving large, bulky items with others. 



Dropped boxes are common. However, some items such as antiques and family heirlooms may simply be irreplaceable. That’s a risk that you could be taking when you attempt to move your belongings to your new Charleston home. 






Although you might not expect a legal problem to stem from your move, it’s not impossible. If a friend or acquaintance visits your home and gets injured while helping you move your furnishings, it could be a liability for you. In fact, if they’re seriously injured, they may have no choice except to file a claim. 



While your homeowner’s insurance might cover the claim, it can affect your insurance rates and lead to an unpleasant situation all the way around. 



Naturally, you don’t want your friends to wind up with injuries because you asked them to do you a favor. 



Best Way to Move Large Items



The best way to move large items to your Charleston, SC, home is to hire professional movers to handle the job. 



Yes, it involves some expense, but it also reduces those risks of injury and broken furnishings. Hiring movers to move your heavy belongings is the right move because:



Movers Are Trained How to Move Large, Heavy Items



Professional moving companies are invested in their moving teams. They can’t afford for their movers to get injured on the job. Reputable companies take care to train their employees and hire people who have the ideal skill sets and experience. 



The movers at Smooth Move, for instance, are trained to know how to lift large items safely. They’re also trained how to use professional moving equipment, which makes moving large, cumbersome items easier–and safer!



Movers Are Accustomed to Moving Heavy Furnishings



Professional movers move heavy items on a routine basis. Their bodies are conditioned to perform this type of work. If you work at a desk or stand to perform your job, you probably aren’t conditioned to lift on a daily basis. 



Moving large items is uniquely physical work. Movers are used to moving items daily and their bodies are accustomed to the stress of heavy lifting. That means they’re less likely to suffer an injury. 



Movers Have the Right Equipment for the Job



Moving companies like Smooth Move tend to invest heavily in moving equipment that makes moving large items safer. Using equipment is safer for the movers and safer for the items being moved. We mentioned appliance dollies, but there are various types of dollies that can be used during a move. 



Professional movers will rely on their equipment to ensure that the move goes smoothly–that they aren’t injured and that nothing moved gets damaged on their watch. 



It’s Less Costly Than You Think!



Hiring movers is a cost-effective solution. It saves you time and reduces the risk of breakage and injury. 



Start your life in your new home with a peaceful and calamity-free transition and let professional movers haul your large items such as dressers, sofas, mattresses, and other large furnishings and heavy boxes. 



Smooth Move is revered in Charleston for its reliable movers and outstanding customer service. We work efficiently to safely move our customers’ furnishings to their new location. Contact us to learn more about our moving solutions and rates. 



We look forward to making your move a more enjoyable and convenient experience.