Regardless of how large or small the task at hand is, moving can be a challenging process. The problem of identifying which items are to be moved, how they will be packaged, and when you will start your excursion is enough of a headache.



Coupled with the coordination of the move itself, finding the right moving company can lead to frustrations and negotiations.



Finding a knowledgeable and cooperative mover, even one that is close by, is one of the best ways to relieve that stress. Consider these ways in which Smooth Move (the best local mover in Charleston) can assist in making your relocation as easy and relaxing as possible.




A Local Mover in Charleston That Will Save You Money



You can save more money by choosing a local moving company than a national company that provides the same service.



A local mover is an excellent choice if you are moving within the same region due to the short driving distances and the low operating costs.



Smooth Move offers reasonable hourly rates and travel time charges that include our team, truck, and moving equipment at affordable prices.



Local moving companies will work closely with you to determine many factors in the moving process to provide accurate quotes.



This means not only being charged just for the services you need but providing alternatives that may fit your situation better. Such as using your own truck or supplies. Or, another option, having packing supplies available for purchase to help make moving an even more straightforward process.


The rate is often determined by an hourly minimum, covering additional labor costs and driving distance when it comes to local moves. In addition to knowing the area, a local moving company is able to utilize the most efficient routes to facilitate your move and avoid heavy traffic, saving you time and money.


Additionally, local moving companies are likely to be familiar with the best locations to park the moving truck, which can be particularly useful in areas where parking is a challenge.


Local Movers Have The Equipment and Experience


Most of your appliances (including washing machines and refrigerators) and furniture pieces are likely oversized items like couches and dining sets. These situations are best served by local movers, who have professional equipment and tools capable of delivering your large and bulky items intact to their new location.


Local movers will also move your items in one piece, so you won’t have to spend hours reassembling furniture after your big “moving day.”


A Local Mover That Knows The Area And What To Expect


Local moving companies have local advantages over big-name companies, like what to expect as far as weather and the city itself.


What are the effects of the weather in your area on your items? It is well known that temperature swings and excessive humidity can ruin wood products.


Charleston, South Carolina is no stranger to extreme southern weather elements, like rain and high humidity. A local company will know the materials required to protect from prolonged weather exposure.


Moving to a new part of town can be daunting. Not only is it necessary to make a right turn, but it is also essential to know how to do it. It is to your advantage to be aware of the layout of a city and other peculiarities so that you can save yourself both time and money.


And know how to anticipate the unknown that can delay a move-like construction, road closures, or accidents. Local movers know the tricks to ensure that your move goes as smoothly as possible and will know how to make up lost time (without passing the expense on to you).


Service with Dedication and Grace


Many people think that moving with a large corporate moving company will obtain the best moving service. But more often than not, they are disappointed when they find out that they lack the local knowledge needed to facilitate moves (especially when faced with area-specific circumstances, like inclement weather).


It is a local business which helps to fuel the economy in the area that can provide you with valuable small-town information and can help you to make the most of your move.


Smooth Move is a local company that you can count on for genuine care and concern for the relocation process that most corporate moving companies do not.


Movers who specialize in local moves are aware of the requirements for moving in the area and know the types of homes and businesses in the neighborhood.


They can therefore anticipate the kind of packing and materials you’ll need. As a result of this knowledge, they can better prepare and have the necessary supplies at hand.


Contact Smooth Move Today


You can expect safe, courteous, and reliable moving services from our commercial and residential moving companies. Using a Smooth Move truck, our professional movers will pack, load, and unload your items to ensure a stress-free relocation experience for you. You may rest assured that your possessions are well protected by our trucks.


If you prefer to use your own vehicle, we will provide packing, loading, and unloading assistance. We believe, however, that our truck fee is comparable to that which you would pay a rental company.


Smooth Move also provides packing materials and equipment to make your move as smooth as possible. Smooth Move can tailor our quotes to meet your specific requirements.

We accept all jobs, large and small. Trust Smooth Move to handle your moving needs if you are moving around the Charleston area. Contact us today for a free online quote.