Are you considering hiring local labor to get your move done?



There are many benefits to hiring moving companies located in the Lowcountry. You’ll get to support local workers and keep small businesses thriving.



Your move will also support the local economy while you get the same benefits as well-known moving companies. 



But knowing how to identify a great moving crew can help you determine which company you want to use. Below, we’ll get into every aspect that makes up an incredible moving team so you can find the right one for you. Keep reading to learn more and make your move smoother!



Customer Care & Service



Your moving company shouldn’t think of you as just another customer to load up and transport. Instead, they’ll treat you with the same care that they’d treat their family. 



Good moving companies will listen to your concerns and tailor their services to your specifications. For instance, if you’re worried about a fragile family heirloom making it to your next house, a great moving crew will take extra care to ensure it’s properly protected.



In addition, you should pay attention to how you’re treated when you first contact the moving company. The best companies emphasize excellent customer service at every step in the process. You’ll likely have to contact your moving company several times before the day of your move.



Having a friendly and professional person on the other end of the line will make the process smoother and less difficult. 



Insurance Policies



Every professional moving company should have insurance policies in place that protect your belongings. That way, if a piece of your furniture gets damaged, you’ll receive compensation for it. 



Even though most moving companies have insurance policies, you should always ask how each company will compensate you if your property gets damaged. 



Doing so will give you peace of mind while you move. In addition, you’ll know what to expect in case something does arrive in less-than-perfect condition.



The Team Is Credible and Reliable



Before you hire a moving team, you need to know about their credibility and reliability. To figure this out, you should look at reviews from past customers. 



You can find reviews from past customers on the moving company’s web page. You might also find them on third-party sites, such as Yelp and Google. If you can’t find any reviews, ask the moving company if they have past clients who can serve as references.



If you can’t get any feedback from past customers, don’t hire the moving company. Look for a business that has a lot of positive reviews to make sure your move goes as well as possible. 



They Can Get You Where You Need to Go



Not every moving company provides services in the same area. 



Some companies only serve a specific region. They may not move people across state lines. In some cases, they may not even have the correct licensing to do cross-state moves! 



So, you need to figure out how far each moving company can take your furniture



Hiring Local Labor Costs Less



Moving often costs thousands of dollars. In fact, even moving companies can cost upwards of $1,000. This amount fluctuates based on how much furniture you have, how far you’re moving, and whether you add on other services. 



If you want to save more money to put toward your new home or apartment, you should look for the least expensive moving option. In most cases, hiring local labor will prove less expensive than hiring a bigger company. 



This is because local places do their best to keep their prices competitive so they can thrive while providing good quality services.



Even among local moving companies, prices differ. So, you should contact a few businesses and ask for an estimate. Estimates usually come free of charge and take the different aspects of your move into account. 



However, estimates are not final bills. The price might change, especially if you make changes to the services you request.



Find Out What Services the Moving Company Offers



The best option in the Lowcountry for moving will offer a range of services.



They’ll send out a moving team to load up the truck for you. Then, your items will get relocated to either your storage unit or your new home. 



Most companies will pack or unpack your belongings for an extra charge. So, if you don’t have time to pack, look for a company that offers this service!



Keep Yourself Safe



People who attempt to move their own furniture put themselves at increased risk of suffering from an injury. These range from minor injuries to broken bones and other debilitating ones.



If you want to keep yourself safe during your move, hire professional movers. A great moving crew has a lot of experience moving different pieces of furniture. Likewise, the company will send the right number of people to handle your larger pieces. This reduces the risk of anyone getting hurt.



Moving companies also buy workers’ compensation insurance policies for their workers. That way, if someone does become injured, they’ll have the funds they need to afford their treatment.



If you attempt to move on your own and get injured, you’ll have to handle the cost of your treatment on your own. 



Ready to Have a Smooth Move?



If you’re ready to have a smooth move, consider hiring local labor!



This is where our company comes in. Our teams help you remove your junk, pack you up, move you, and even store your items! If you want to learn more about what we can do, contact us!