Moving can be extremely exciting, but it can also be pretty stressful, especially when you start thinking about the logistics of getting your items to and from each location. 



How will you transport your bulkiest items? 



Do you need help assembling or disassembling your furniture? 



Are there any fragile items that need to be packed separately or handled in a certain way? 



These questions might give you a headache, but there’s one way to take the weight off your shoulders and simplify your move: hiring furniture movers.



If you’re spending your money for a company to help you move, you want to know that you’re working with reliable movers who will communicate with you, take care of your items, and work with your schedule.



Take a look at our suggestions for things to look for in furniture moving companies so you can ensure that you hire a furniture moving company that works with your needs and keeps your treasured belongings safe.



An Excellent Reputation



It’s a good idea to do some research about various nearby moving companies before you make a final decision on which furniture moving company to hire. There are numerous ways you can check for more information about a business’s reputation online and in person.






Customers can post reviews online on Yelp, Google Business Profile, Facebook, and countless other popular websites. Reviews say a lot about a business since they are your opportunity to hear firsthand from customers about their experiences with a company. 



While reviews are a good source of relatively unbiased information, you should always remember that reviews are most often posted by individuals who had a particularly excellent or poor experience.



Personal Recommendations



While online reviews can give you a general idea of what people are saying about a business, there is no replacement for the advice and opinions of your loved ones. If any friends or family have moved recently, consider asking them what company they used and whether they had a good or bad experience. 



You might find that they tell you about a company you didn’t even know about – or you might be able to avoid a shady business.



Appropriate Licensing And Insurance



For any reputable furniture moving company, licensing and insurance are must-haves. If your furniture movers aren’t insured or appropriately licensed, you – not them – are responsible for anything that happens to your belongings during the move. 



Appropriate licensing and insurance can be the biggest difference between your friend posting his trailer on Facebook and advertising a ‘moving service’ and a real, professional moving company.



Moving Company Insurance



There are several types of insurance every furniture moving company should have in order to protect themselves from liabilities and help cover costs in the case of an accident. 



Moving companies should have insurance policies including but not limited to:


  • Auto liability coverage
  • Workers compensation
  • Cargo legal liability coverage
  • Warehouse legal liability coverage
  • Commercial general liability coverage



To ensure your moving company has insurance, you should ask the professionals on your team to clarify. Then, you can ask for a certificate of insurance.



U.S. Department Of Transportation Database



There are ways to easily tell whether a furniture moving company has the right to operate in the United States. All interstate movers must register their business with the U.S. Department of Transportation. After doing so, they will receive a U.S. D.O.T. number.



You can search the database of interstate movers that are registered with the United States Department of Transportation here. The database lists complaints, safety information, and the registration status for each business. 



Note that just because an interstate moving company is registered with the Department of Transportation doesn’t mean that they have the appropriate licensing and insurance.



Fits Your Individual Needs



No two moves are the same, so consider whether the furniture moving companies you are looking for are right for you. 



The perfect company for you will suit both your individual needs and your schedule, so you won’t need to work around them. Instead, they will accommodate your needs.



To make your move go easier, you might consider whether the company you’re looking at has availability on the dates that you are moving. 



After all, if they are completely booked out, you’ll either need to change the date of your move – which can be a headache and a hassle – or call up another company last minute, which isn’t cheap.



You should also consider whether the furniture moving company you’re working with has the resources you need to move your items. If you have too many items to fit on the company’s trucks, you’ll have to call another moving company while you’re already loading in your items – and this is not only impractical but stressful.



Before you call a professional furniture moving company, do your research and talk to a representative from multiple businesses. 



During your consultation, ask whether the company can fulfill your specific needs, whatever they may be. Moving can be a stressful experience, but working with the right company can make it a lot easier.



Go Local



Moving is a big step, but it doesn’t have to be a stressful one. Minimize the anxieties associated with moving by hiring a professional, responsible moving company that not only has a great reputation and great reviews but also has the appropriate licensing and insurance to protect you so you know they have your back.



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