How do you make a plan to move? If you asked a hundred people, you’d probably get a hundred different answers. Your personal circumstances and reasons for moving will be the primary factors in how long you have to plan, but there are some general guidelines that professional movers recommend. Here’s some advice from Smooth Move, a local moving company serving the Rock Hill and Charleston, SC areas.

Start as Early as You Can

If you’re thinking about moving, especially if it’s to a new city, put a game plan together as soon as possible. Even if you don’t know exactly where you want to go, you can start saving money. If you’re currently renting, you’ll need to consider the terms of your lease and start formulating an exit plan. Ideally, this part of the process would start at least a year in advance of your move.

Start Organizing Several Months Out

Two to three months before your move, start taking stock of everything you’ll need to pack. At the same time, get rid of things that don’t make the cut. This also gives you time to plan a yard sale, organize your financial records, and make arrangements for new schools and jobs.

The Month Before

If you want to get a jump start on packing, you can begin in earnest about a month before your move. This allows you to get ahead with minimal inconvenience. Of course, if you hire full-service movers like Smooth Move, we’ll do all the packing for you. Get a free online moving quote today and see how easy we make the process!