40 million people move each year, which often means packing large items. If you’re in the process of moving and realize you’ve got several large items to transport, then it’s in your best interest to hire local movers.


We’re here to provide you with a guide that will make moving easier for you on moving day. So get ready, because the best moving company for your needs is right around the corner.


Let’s get started.



Get Organized First


The first and one of the best moving tips is to get organized before you start the packing process. The reason we say this is that moving can be stressful and overwhelming, especially if you don’t have a plan.


Having a plan means strategically figuring out which area of your home you will begin to pack and then move on from there. By doing so, you ensure everything gets packed promptly without leaving everything until the last minute.



Gather the Right Supplies 


Typically, when you think of moving, you run to the nearest packing supplies store and purchase things like boxes and packing tape. This will work for small items, but not necessarily large items.


We recommend once you hire a company you check their website or call them about packing supplies you should use. The reason you should do this is that some companies won’t move items if they aren’t packed the right way.


To avoid added frustration and stress on the day of your move we recommend calling ahead. As you continue to think about the supplies, you’ll need to pack heavier items and you’ll need more than some tape and a few boxes.


To avoid items becoming damaged during the move we recommend you purchase some packing paper or thicker wrapping material. This gives your items extra protection as it’s being moved.


It also acts as a barrier between the item and your other belongings once it’s been moved into the truck. Additionally, in the event an item is accidentally dropped or bumped, you can know your belongings have a level of protection around them.



Disassemble Your Items 


While we’d love to tell you that leaving your bed put together is great, it’s not in terms of the actual move. If your bed or other items are left assembled it makes it harder for your furniture to be moved and it could take up needed space in the moving truck.


Before movers come to your home to pack your belongings you need to take everything apart. This includes taking out drawers or removing any doors that are attached to the piece of furniture.


Again, this makes it easier for the items to be taken out of your home and packed properly.



Empty Appliances 


If the items you’re moving are appliances you’ve got to take several steps before they’re packed. The first thing you need to do is unplug the appliances, which ensures neither you nor anyone else is electrocuted during the packing process.


If you’re having a refrigerator or freezer moved you need to set the appliance aside so that it has time to defrost. If your appliances aren’t defrosted, they will leak on other items that are packed in the same moving truck.


After you’ve removed all the drawers and smaller utensils from your appliances, use the proper materials to wrap them.



Get Rid of Items You Don’t Need 


There is a psychology behind why people buy things they don’t need. You might not realize you’ve purchased items you don’t need until you begin to pack your home in preparation for a move.


It’s during the packing process you start finding things around your home that you forgot you bought in the first place. Before you begin packing items, you need to take some time to figure out what you need and what you don’t.


The reason you want to do this is so you don’t clutter your new place with items that won’t be used, and you don’t want to waste packing materials on things that you’d end up tossing out anyway. Once you’ve determined what’s going and what’s staying, you can either take the items yourself to the donation center or have them come pick them up.


If you’re having a donation center pick up the items you wish to donate, you should treat the items the same way you would if you were taking them with you. Take the time to wrap larger items properly and clean them before they’re picked up.


It’s also helpful if you put them in an area that makes them easy to be moved out of your home.



Don’t Pack the Wrong Way 


What we mean by “don’t pack the wrong way” is that you shouldn’t put everything into boxes. This is wasting your supplies and could leave you running to the store for additional supplies because you didn’t properly organize your items.


For example, instead of putting your clothes in boxes, we recommend you find an empty suitcase or duffle bag to place them in. That leaves more boxes to pack things like plates or other kitchen appliances.



Packing Large Items 101 


When it comes to packing large items, there are several things to keep in mind, such as gathering the right supplies. Ensure you give yourself enough time to pack and go through each item in your home ahead of moving day.


Since you’ve done quite a bit of work to pack up your home, it’s time you leave moving to the professionals. If you’re still searching for a local moving company, stop what you’re doing now and get a free online quote from Smooth Move.


We’ll help you get from your old home to your new one in the smoothest way possible.