A long-distance move is one of the most exciting experiences homeowners face, with endless possibilities and adventures awaiting them at their destination. However, because of the lengthy process involved with a long-distance move, this process can quickly become overwhelming and emotionally draining.



Hiring a local moving company can help homeowners navigate the challenges of moving long-distance to ensure the process is as seamless as possible. As you prepare for your long-distance move, knowing what to expect and how to plan will save you time and stress when moving day arrives. 



This article will help you plan by exploring the most important details for your long-distance move, including the challenges you might face and how a local moving company can transform your experience. Let’s get started!



1. Plan as Soon as Possible



Long-distance moves require careful planning to ensure that nothing goes awry come moving day. As soon as you know you’re moving, your planning must begin. While it can be overwhelming, writing down what needs to be done before you move and making a list of everything you’ll need at your new home will save you loads of stress.



2. Get Rid of What You Don’t Need



Downsizing is a hefty task, but one that is necessary when you’re making a long-distance move. When going through your belongings, identify items you haven’t used in the past year. These are likely items you no longer need, and depending on their condition, you can start throwing things out, selling, or donating items that don’t hold any value to you or your future. Getting rid of the clutter you’ve collected over the years makes packing exponentially easier.



3. Get Moving Estimates



Price is a massive consideration for any homeowner planning a long-distance move. Getting estimates from several moving companies guarantees you have the best quality movers for the most reasonable price, eliminating the need to stress over high moving costs. By comparing different moving companies, you can determine whether or not individual companies are fair and reliable.



4. Have a Timeline



Having a moving timeline will ensure that you get everything done before you move to your new home, eliminating the need for last-minute stress or the chance of forgetting important details. Your moving timeline should be thorough but practical–while you don’t want to delay big steps in the moving process too much, you also want to avoid overwhelming yourself with more than you can handle. For this reason, it’s important to research and plan your moving company as part of your moving timeline.



5. Gather Packaging Materials



Bubble wrap, boxes, containers, packing peanuts–whatever you need to safely and properly package your items, get in advance.



Many people assume that they have enough packaging materials for a successful move, only to get down to the wire and not have ample resources to protect their belongings from damage during transit. Invest in plenty of cardboard boxes, and don’t overlook cushioning materials that can (literally) make or break your move.



6. Make Your Reservations



Depending on how far you’re moving, you might need to make reservations to prevent travel issues on your moving day. For example, some homeowners need to book hotels and flights to reach their final destination, while homeowners with pets need to determine the best way to travel with their loyal companions.


Don’t forget to book travel logistics for everyone in your family–depending on where you’re moving, you might have different time constraints and require individual travel plans. Doing this ahead of time doesn’t only save stress but also saves you money, as prices might increase the longer you wait.



7. Pack Smartly



While packaging materials are critical for a smooth transition, you won’t have peace of mind unless you know the best order to pack your belongings. Once you’ve decided what you’re selling, keeping, and throwing away, determine what items you’ll need until the last minute of your move, such as essential toiletries, bedding, clothes, and other items you use daily.



Start by packing the items you know you won’t need until you get to your new home, such as excess kitchenware, books, and decorations. Always label everything you pack with the room it belongs to and details about what’s in the package, as this will simplify your moving experience.



8. Manage Your Address Change



Updating important documents and notifying relevant parties about your move is critical to ensure nothing goes wrong when moving day arrives. For example, make sure to cover the following as soon as you can:



  • Submit your address change to the post office
  • Transfer your utilities from your current address to your new home
  • Update your address of crucial documents, like your car registration, driver’s license, and insurance documents
  • If you have children, alert their school of your address change

9. Determine What You Can Replace



Some items are too heavy or complicated to move on a long-distance journey. Items like your fridge, oven, and furniture may make more sense to replace when you get to your new home rather than hauling them along with you. Make a list of anything you can easily replace at your new home or your new property already has before you move in.



10. Hire a Reliable Moving Company



Hiring a moving company that you can rely on is critical and can make a massive difference in your moving experience. Planning a long-distance move requires careful research into moving companies near you. When determining whether a moving company is reliable, check for the following:



  • Relevant licensing and credentials
  • Experience and reputation
  • Customer reviews
  • Services provided
  • Transparent pricing models
  • Customer service reliability
  • Moving estimates
  • Services and rates

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