Are you moving a long distance from Charleston?



Most people spend thousands of dollars on their long distance move, and that’s not even counting buying a home. As such, finances often become a big concern for a lot of new homeowners.



Cutting down your costs can help you make moving across the country easier. But this necessitates knowing how to save and spend money in smart ways.



Below, we’ll get into our top pieces of advice for saving money while moving across the country. Keep reading if you want to make your move from Charleston a success!



Look for Homes in the Winter



Most people move during the summer. This often works out best schedule-wise because kids are out of school and parents can use summer vacation time to house hunt.



Yet, the high demand drives up the prices of many homes. This is especially true for homes in popular areas, such as New York City or Chicago. 



Oftentimes, prices drop in the winter because of the decrease in demand. So, if you want to save money on your new house, start looking in the winter months. 



Keep in mind that you might not get as much for your home if you list it in the winter, though. If you want to ensure you don’t lose money, work with a professional realtor to determine how to best sell your house. Focus on your curb appeal and make home improvements. These boost your home’s value and help you get more money for it.



Then, you can use that money toward your mortgage payments.



Get Pre-Approved for a Mortgage



When moving long distance from Charleston, you should always get pre-approved for a mortgage. That way, you can start looking for houses whenever the market in your new area is cheapest.



Getting pre-approved for a mortgage is especially useful if you have to move to your new city by a certain date. It gives you the funds to purchase your new home. As such, you won’t have to wait to sell your house to get a new one. 



Go Through Your Items



The final price of your move will depend on how many items you have. So, the fewer items you take, the less you’ll have to pay to move them. 



As you’re packing, go through everything in your house. Sort them into piles of items you want to keep and those you want to sell or donate. You can sell used items on platforms such as Facebook Marketplace. If they’re in good condition, you might even get a lot of money for them. 



Thrift stores, such as Goodwill, take donated items. If you’re planning on taking something to a thrift shop, get a piece of paper and jot down what it is and its quality. Keep this document for the next time tax season rolls around. You might get a tax deduction based on what you donated.



If you’re having a hard time deciding what to keep, institute a one-touch rule. Only touch every item one time. Ask yourself if you’ll need it or use it again. If you won’t, donate or sell it. If you will use it again, pack it for your new house.



Compare Moving Companies



One of the biggest areas in which you can save money on a move consists of choosing the right moving company.



Often, people spend thousands of dollars on their moving company. Yet, the final cost mostly comes down to which company does the move. 



Every moving company charges different rates. Their prices vary depending on how many items you have and how far you want them to drive. In addition, they offer packing and unpacking services for a separate fee.



As such, you should compare moving companies before you commit to using one. Ask about their rates. Most will offer you a free quote with no obligations attached. This might not serve as the final amount you’ll get charged. But it will give you a good idea of the cheapest option.



Can’t I Save Money By Not Hiring Movers?



Many people think they can skip the moving company and save some extra money. Yet, moving without movers can get difficult.



It can also end up costing you more in the long run. Moving companies purchase insurance that covers the cost of damage done to your items while they’re in transit. If you don’t use a moving company, you’ll have to absorb the cost of damaged items yourself.



Choose a Less Expensive Moving Date



People tend to move on certain dates more than others. As such, moving companies will charge you more when you move on these dates.



If you want to save money on your move, schedule it for a less popular day. You may also have more moving companies to choose from if you do this. Movers often get their schedules booked months in advance, so picking a less popular day means you might also get to book your favorite moving company.



Moving Long Distance from Charleston?


If you’re moving long distance from Charleston, you’ll need some of the most trusted and experienced movers on your side.



That’s where we come in. We help clients in Charleston and Rock Hill move to new areas of the country. We also offer top-notch storage services as well as packing and unpacking.