According to Apartment List, 18% of renters are inbound to Charleston from nearby Charlotte. So whether you are planning to move locally or interstate, consider how to ensure a smooth transition.




Relocating is a time-consuming project that can take up to six months to plan. It also causes emotional stress and anxiety. However, is a stress-free move possible?




The answer is yes if you consider using portable moving containers. They will ease your transition, offer more flexibility, and ensure peace of mind. So, read on to discover why people choose to relocate with portable moving containers. 




Why Portable Moving Containers Are Ideal



Portable moving containers, called portable storage containers, offer more flexibility than other systems. As such, they are ideal for both long-distance and short-distance relocations. Here are some benefits of moving with portable storage containers. 




  • Pack and unpack portable storage containers at your own pace
  • Enjoy a staggered delivery 
  • No late charges
  • portable storage containers will save you a time and money




People often rent a property while they identify which neighborhood they want to settle in. During that period you won’t need your furniture. Previously, you would have had to move your furniture to a storage unit, unpack it, and then reload it for delivery to your new home later.




However, with portable moving containers, you only need to load them once. Then, they can be stored as-is and delivered when required.  




How Portable Storage Containers Work



The company will deliver portable moving containers to your home. Our portable storage containers are 16’L x 8’W x 8’H and can be positioned on your land or driveway. While some companies only pick up and deliver, we go the extra mile to include storage.




We recognize that moving is a time-sensitive project, and storing your portable storage containers removes stress. You can move in your own time and enjoy the process. Our team will collect your portable storage container and transport it to your new home or our storage facility on your pick-up date. We also offer staggered delivery, so you receive one portable storage container at a time. 




How to Select Portable Storage Containers in Charleston



The average American household has 300,000 items in their home, so think about how many portable storage containers you may need. Our portable moving containers can hold up to 10,000lbs.




Choose a company with storage to reap the benefits of staggered delivery. Also, consider security and climate-controlled units to protect your valuables.




Climate control storage reduces the risk of furniture warping during long-term storage. Your items will be delivered to you in the exact condition you packed them.




How to Load Portable Moving Containers in Mount Pleasant



We recommend packing your portable storage container room by room while keeping an itinerary of contents. With our services, you can choose to load the portable storage container yourself or let our professional packing team manage it. 




Here are some tips to ensure you limit the risk of damage if you pack your portable storage container independently. 



  • Put similar-sized items together in a box and position them at opposite ends of the portable storage container for balance
  • Remove furniture legs and stand upwards to create more space 
  • Retain soft furnishings for filling in gaps between boxes




Loading your portable storage container without gaps is essential, so your items won’t move during transit. However, there are several ways to load your portable storage container.




You could place the heaviest boxes first and build upwards to lighter boxes on top. If you have only a few heavy boxes, put them in the center of the portable storage container. Or load items from floor to ceiling, creating wall-like layers on one side of the portable storage container to the other.




You may find that you have a gap at the ceiling level. Don’t panic because mattresses make an ideal top layer. Then, finally, place odd-shaped items, like furniture, toys, or bicycles near the doors. 




How to Pack Fragile Items



You might want to consider the professional packing service if you are concerned about damaging fragile items. Otherwise, follow the packing tricks below to make sure that your delicate belongings arrive in tip-top condition. 




  • Use small boxes and reinforce the bottoms with an additional piece of cardboard
  • Create dividers if you are packing glasses or similar-sized glass vases
  • Always insert bubblewrap between and inside fragile items 
  • Wrap plates individually before securing them together with tape
  • Label boxes with fragile items for quick identification




Moving art can also be a daunting experience. You should wear white gloves to handle your precious pieces and avoid wrapping them in newspaper. Instead, purchase some brown packing paper and carefully wrap the art in paper before covering it with bubble wrap.




If the frame itself is also delicate, purchase cardboard corners. You can slot them over the bubble wrap. Then, the final level of protection is an artwork box. 




Most portable storage containers have loading straps to help secure your packed items. Include the odd-shaped items near the door within the straps so they don’t block the entrance. Our portable storage containers are made of heavy-duty steel with 6′ W x 6.5′ H lockable doors.  




Make Moving Easy With Portable Moving Containers



Portable moving containers make moving an enjoyable experience. You no longer need to feel time-restricted or under threat of extra fees. You can choose how and when you move.




For example, you could have your portable storage containers delivered all at once or relish in a staggered delivery. You can also keep your portable storage containers in a secure unit until you need them. So, even if your moving schedule doesn’t go exactly to plan, you can take all of it in your stride with portable moving containers.




Contact our local and friendly team today to discuss your moving needs. We help people move home every day in Charleston and the surrounding area.