Did you know that the average American moves 11.7 times in their life? While some moves involve relocating just down the street, others entail flying halfway across the world to settle in a completely new country.


Because of this, we can further divide these people into intrastate and interstate movers.


When it comes to intrastate moving vs. interstate moving, what’s the difference anyway? While these terms are just a few letters apart from one another, they’re vastly different.


To find out more, read on, as we’ll explain the difference. We’ll also tell you why you should hire a professional moving company for your relocation!


What Is Intrastate Moving?


“Intra” is the Latin prefix meaning “on the inside.” Combine this prefix with the word “state”, and it pretty much means you’re moving within the state.


Basically, if you’re moving within your state, this is considered intrastate moving. Whether you move down the street or to a city that’s 5 hours away, this is all considered an intrastate move, so long as you’re not crossing state lines.


What Is Interstate Moving?


On the other hand, the prefix “inter” is Latin for “between.” So naturally, this means it’s a move you make between states.


Even if you’re just moving 10 minutes away, if you’re crossing state lines, this is considered an interstate move.


Why You Should Hire a Professional Mover


Now that you understand the difference between intrastate and interstate moving, there’s one thing you should know: you should always hire a professional mover to help you.


Wondering why? Here are the top reasons how an expert can make your relocation so much easier.


You’ll Save Time


When you handle a move all on your own, not only do you have to pack everything, but you also have to figure out the logistics. Factor in work that you have to do up until the day you move, and there’s barely any time to breathe!


Professional movers don’t just take your belongings from point A to point B. They can also pack everything, load the truck up, drive over to your new place, and unload and unpack your things, as well as set them where you want them.


This frees up time for you to take care of last-minute things and spend more time with your loved ones before you leave them.


Your Possessions Will Be Safer


Chances are, you’re not a professional mover. So your packing and transporting techniques might be solid, but they’ll never rival those of an expert.


Professional movers will have years of experience and training handling items big and small, as well as those that are fragile. They have the right materials and skills to pack and unpack these things with care. They’ll also know how to load these boxes in the right way to minimize the chance of damage while in transit.


Better yet is, reputable moving companies will always have generous insurance policies. If your things do break under their watch, you can count on getting reimbursed. Can you say the same for your insurance policy?


You’ll Probably Save Money


It’s true that you’ll need to pay someone to help you move, but in the long run, you’ll probably be saving money, especially if you choose a company that has reputable and affordable services!


When you trust the team to pack, move, and unpack for you, you won’t have to take work off to do these things yourself. And if you have pros handling all these tasks, there’s less of a chance that something will break and you’ll need to shell out money to replace it.


Storage Options


The smart thing to do when moving would be to have overlapping leases or mortgages so you can move from one place to the other without worrying about having nowhere to store your things.


However, things don’t always work out in your favor. What are you to do if your old lease ends and your new one doesn’t start for another month? Or worse yet, what if you haven’t found a new place yet and you need to store your belongings somewhere for an unknown length of time?


The good news is, many professional movers (such as us at Smooth Move) offer storage options. We’ll come and pick up everything you need stored away and put them in our mobile storage containers. Or you can have us drop it off and you can fill it yourself if you prefer!


Either way, the containers are weatherproof and leak proof so you don’t have to worry about your possessions getting damaged while in these containers. You can either have these mobile storage containers on-site or we can bring them to our indoor facility that’s climate and temperature controlled.


Our storage facility is properly monitored at all times to prevent theft. And should anything happen, we’re fully licensed, bonded, and insured so you’ll get compensation for anything that’s damaged or stolen.


Once you’re ready to access your items again, simply call us and we’ll bring you a container wherever you need it. Then, our team will carefully unpack your things and put them where you want.


Intrastate Moving vs. Interstate Moving: Make It Easy With Our Help


Now you know the difference between intrastate moving vs. interstate moving.


No matter which one you’re going through, know that we’re here to help. Smooth Move is a Lowcountry, locally-owned business that’ll help you with either residential or commercial moves. You can count on us to get your things safely from one location to the next!


Are you ready to get some help for your upcoming move? Then request a free quote from us now!