Climate controlled storage is your best option if you want to preserve the integrity of your belongings. But there are certain items that should always be stored in this type of facility. If you own any of the following items and need to store them for any reason, talk to Smooth Move today.

  1. Antiques: If you have antiques, they’re probably precious to you. Maybe they belonged to a loved one or maybe there’s a great story behind how you acquired them. Either way, you want them to be protected. Climate controlled storage does just that.
  2. Wood furniture: Wood contracts and expands depending on the temperature. When this happens, the integrity of the furniture may be compromised. High humidity levels can contribute to wood rot. When you control the temperature and humidity, you’ll reduce the risks of damage.
  3. Electronics: We all know how electronics and moisture go together—they don’t. But humidity and heat aren’t good for them, either. We’ll keep your television, stereo, computer, or other equipment in pristine condition.
  4. Metal: If metal is exposed to moisture, it will start to corrode. A sealed mobile storage pod eliminates any chance for moisture to enter while they’re being packed and unpacked. Better yet, our indoor storage facility protects metal from the elements while they’re in our care.
  5. Paper: Anything made from paper will start to yellow if it’s exposed to light, humidity, or heat. Store your books, photos, or collectibles like magazines or baseball cards in a climate controlled space to keep them like new.
  6. Artwork: Any artwork that’s on paper or canvas will be affected by temperatures, humidity, and light. Whether you have a fine art collection or paintings made by your kids, protect them by choosing the most reliable type of storage—climate controlled.

For more information on climate controlled storage in Rock Hill, SC or Charleston, SC, call Smooth Move or get a free online quote for storage now!