Last year, 33.5 million people moved residences in the United States. The number of people moving has been on the rise since COVID-19 hit, with many searching for homes outside of the city. 



North Carolina and South Carolina remain two of the popular destinations to move to, and it’s no wonder why. From the lower cost of living to many scenic and exciting ways to explore the great outdoors, places like Charleston make a wonderful place to live. 



Are you thinking about moving here soon, but you’re worried about moving heavy furniture? 



Professional movers can make local furniture moving easy and streamline the entire process. 



Here’s what you need to know about the benefits of hiring local furniture movers and tips for doing so. 



Less Heavy Lifting for You 



Back injuries can take a heavy toll on your body, and depending on the severity, even leave you laid up in bed. You can prevent back injuries by using proper lifting techniques or avoiding heavy lifting. 



Moving requires packing, lifting, and hauling many heavy boxes and items, including furniture. Many people may underestimate the difficulty and strength requirements for moving or overestimate their abilities. 



Think about all of the heavy pieces of furniture you own, such as your mattress, appliances, your couch, your dining room table, and so on. It may be too much for one or even two people to lift. You also need to consider obstacles, such as lifting heavy items up the stairs or around tight corners. 



However, when you hire a professional company for local furniture moving, they have the right team and equipment to tackle the job. 



Local Furniture Moving Companies Have the Right Equipment



Speaking of equipment, your local movers will have everything they need on hand to move your furniture. These tools are essential for moving large items without damaging the furniture and the floor. Plus, it avoids putting too much strain on the body. 



Here is some common equipment that furniture moving companies use to safely transport your belongings: 



  • Dolly
  • Hand truck
  • Furniture blankets
  • Lifting straps 
  • Tie downs and rope
  • Heavy-duty gloves



It can cost quite a bit to buy all this yourself, and you may only need these tools for the move. What will you do with the equipment afterward? You’ll have to consider storage unless you plan to sell it. 



Hiring a professional company is the better solution, as you’ll save more time and money on preparations. 



They Protect Your Furniture



Part of preparing for a move is buying boxes and protective wrapping, such as bubble wrap or packing paper to protect your items. Carefully wrapping your items and keeping them from banging around is the best way to ensure you don’t break any of your belongings during the move. 



But what about those larger and heavier items that you can’t pack into a box? You can’t pack your furniture, but you can protect it from damage. One way to do so is with moving blankets, which can keep your antiques from getting scratched or dented during transportation. 



Furniture moving companies have plenty of these on hand, and they know how to wrap your items to protect them. 



Moving blankets are often combined with furniture wrap or plastic wrap. Think of this as the plastic wrap you use in the kitchen, but on a much larger scale. Plastic wrap keeps the furniture blankets in place during the move. 



Tips for Hiring a Local Furniture Moving Company



Now that you know about some of the benefits of hiring a local moving company, you might be wondering what the steps are for doing so. Here are some of our tips. 



Book Well in Advance



Some of the busiest times to move are in the spring and summer months, as the weather is nice and people can move without having to worry about their kids missing school. 



Your moving date may be flexible, or you might have a very specific timeframe. If you need to move during the busy season, make sure you book your furniture movers well in advance. This ensures you’ll be able to secure a slot, and you won’t be stuck trying to lift your furniture yourself. 



Take Inventory



One of the best ways you can prepare for a move is to take inventory of what you have. What types of heavy furniture do you need help moving? 



It might help to go room by room and take a visual inventory first, writing down what you have. For instance, in the living room, you might write down the couch, sofa, accent chairs, TV stand, and so on. 



If you have any antiques or heavy pieces, make sure you make note of this. An antique armoire or piano may need particular care when moving. You might have to tell your movers about these items so they can prepare in advance. 



Moving costs may be higher for certain items which require more movers or special equipment. Make sure to list these items and ask your furniture moving company for more details on moving heavy or bulky furniture. 



Compare Service Options 



You have several different options when it comes to moving and many different services you can book. There is the full-service option, labor only, and so on. Make sure you research each option and decide which fits your needs and budget best. 



If you’re unsure what you need, talk to your moving company and get some quotes. This can give you a better idea of how much each service costs and what you’ll need depending on the type and amount of furniture you have. 



Make It a Smooth Move



Hiring professional movers can make local furniture moving a breeze. You have less to worry about, as the moving company has the right number of experienced movers and the equipment necessary to transport your furniture safely to your new home. 



When you’re ready to take the next step, contact Smooth Move and tell us about your move to get a free quote!