You already know that mobile storage containers from Smooth Move make moving easy. But did you know that our local moving company also offers warehouse storage for other needs? Home organization is another common use for these containers. Here are several ways you can use our services to help you cut the clutter.

  1. Avoid the attic. Hauling boxes to and from your attic can be dangerous. It’s also really easy to forget what you’ve put up there! If you’re trying to get things out of your living spaces but aren’t quite ready to part with them, let us help. All you have to do is gather your things. We’ll come to your home, pack everything up, and transfer it to our climate controlled storage facility.
  2. Find a temporary home for your things. If you’re collecting items for a yard sale or to donate in the future, you know how easy it is for things to pile up. The clutter can really take over your home. Store your items with us, then ask us to bring them back when you’re ready to distribute them.
  3. Get ready to move. Maybe you know you’ll be moving in the future but aren’t sure when or where. Go ahead and pack up things you aren’t actively using and put them in storage. This could include your off-season clothing, baby items, and holiday decorations. When you’re ready to move, we’ll bring your container to your new location.

For more information on our mobile storage containers or to get a free storage quote, call Smooth Move. We’re your local moving and storage company for Charlotte, Rock Hill, Fort Mill, York County, and surrounding areas of the Carolinas.