As you learned in our last post, not all mobile storage containers are created equal. The team at Smooth Move of Rock Hill always goes the extra mile for our customers. That’s because we think about what’s best for you and provide the quality and the features you demand. So when we noticed the increasing popularity of climate-controlled mobile storage containers, we knew this was a service we had to provide. here are a few reasons why these units are one of the hottest trends in the moving and storage industry.

  • It’s easy. You don’t have to drag all your stuff to a storage building across town. And when you choose Smooth Move, it’s even easier! We’ll pack everything up for you, transport it to our secure warehouse, then bring it back and unpack it whenever you’re ready.
  • It’s protected. You won’t have to worry about how temperature changes or moisture will affect your things. Our facility is kept at a consistent temperature that’s ideal for storing all types of belongings. Paper, photographs, fabrics, and metals will look just as good when they’re unpacked as when they were boxed up.
  • It’s clean. With traditional storage units, dirt, dust, pollen, insects, and other pests can find a way in. This can potentially unsanitary and can also lead to damage. Our containers are tightly sealed and stored in a clean, well-maintained building.

Trust Smooth Move for all your moving and storage needs in Rock Hill, Fort Mill, and the York County, SC area. Get a free quote today!