Moving to a new house is an exciting time when you can express yourself and create the home of your dreams. However, moving comes with obstacles if you don’t know what to expect.




Moving appliances is one of the biggest struggles of anyone moving to a new home. Your fresh start in your new abode will be seriously dampened if you don’t know how to pack and move your household appliances safely.




If you are unsure how to safely move your household appliances, worry no more. This article covers everything about moving appliances safely in Charleston, from packing tips to selecting a company.




Clean Your Appliances




Before you can get to moving your appliances, you should ensure that everything is clean and ready to move. This step is necessary before packing your belongings and heading to your new home. Below are steps to guarantee that your appliances are in top shape before moving.








Cleaning your dishwasher before attempting to move it is crucial as you journey to your new home. Follow these steps to guarantee thorough cleaning.




  • Turn off all electric and water supplies/appliances.
  • Disconnect dishwasher hoses and wrap them in safe, protective packing paper
  • Clean the interior of your dishwasher, then leave the door open to air dry and remove any moisture
  • Secure the internal racks in your dishwasher. Have movers tape or wrap your dishwasher door shut to guarantee safe transportation.



Fridge and Freezer




Now it’s time to clean out your fridge and freezer. Before movers can tape and wrap your fridge and freezer to ensure safe transportation, you will have to go through and get everything ready for your move.




  • Toss any perishables or any spoiled or expired food. Keep the rest of your food in portable coolers.
  • Unplug your fridge and start cleaning. Clean everything inside your fridge, including the drawers, handles, shelves, and refrigerator coils.
  • Remove the refrigerator handle if necessary to fit it through your door when moving.



Washing Machine




Your washer and dryer are some of the most essential appliances for your new home. Cleaning your washer and letting it air dry for 24 hours will simplify your move and save you stress once you’ve moved into your new home.




  • Disconnect the power from your washer, then disconnect and drain the input and output hoses
  • Clean the interior and exterior of your washer using a dry cloth.
  • Ensure all the water is drained from your washer before securing it shut.







Cleaning your dryer is relatively simple, and the steps below describe how to clean this appliance before your move.




  • Disconnect the power from your dryer.
  • Remove the lint screen from your dryer and clean any remaining particles.
  • Wipe down the interior and exterior of your dryer using a soft, dry cloth.
  • Wrap or tape the door shut to prevent moving issues.







Cleaning your stove is another major appliance to clean before you move. Stoves need careful and exceptional handling, so follow the steps below to guarantee that you follow the best practices.




  • Shut off the power to your stove.
  • Wipe down the exterior surface of your stove.
  • Deep clean the interior of your oven, including the sides and racks. You can use baking soda and water paste for this step.
  • Safely detach and pack any removable stove parts, such as oven racks.
  • Tape the knobs on your stove and tape or wrap the oven door securely closed.



Use a Dolly



It’s essential to treat your appliances gently during the moving process. Moving appliances often cause external damage to the appliance and your floors, making it essential to find solutions to move everything safely.




Moving companies can help move your appliances with dollies to help avoid damage and make the journey easier for you. The best moving company will use dollies to avoid dragging your appliances and help protect your new floors.




Measure Your Appliances




Safely moving your appliances requires you to plan ahead for the big moving day. One step to take early on is measuring your appliances to ensure they fit through your doors as they are or if adjustments need to be made.




Measuring your appliances removes some of the stress of moving day and allows you and your moving company to prepare and strategize. You may need to prepare your space by removing doors or taking your appliances apart to get clearance. Also, measuring your appliances is crucial to ensure they fit into your new house.




Clean Your New Floors




Before moving appliances into your new home, thoroughly clean the home’s floors. Moving appliances can cause damage to your floors if not done correctly. 




Sweep, vacuum, and mop your new floors before the move. Any lingering dirt, grains, small stones, or foreign objects can damage your floors. Ensure the floor beneath your new appliances is clean before completing your space.




Keep Your Floors Protected




After cleaning your floors, it’s essential to go the extra mile to safeguard your new home with floor protectors. Floor protectors can help you avoid damage to your new space when moving appliances to their new location. Tile and wood floors might face significant damage without proper floor protection.




Consider investing in moving blankets, cardboard sheets, or scrap carpets before moving day. A protective covering will significantly reduce the potential for severe damage to your new home.




Hire A Professional Moving Company




Ultimately, moving appliances is best done by professional moving companies. Hiring a moving company near you with experienced movers will help you move your essential, expensive appliances safely and without hassle.




While you can use the tips above to prepare for moving, you need expert help to get your appliances to your new home. Homeowners in or around Charleston, South Carolina, should consider Smooth Move for all of their moving needs.