Moving to a new home is hard.  


Moving to a new home during the summer can make things even more difficult. 


While the winter time and much of spring can be quite comfortable here in the Lowcountry, the summers can get quite harsh with heat & humidity.  


Summers happen to also align with peak moving season, generally, so that added heat & humidity can add some extra challenge during your move this summer. 


While our local moving team has over a decade of experience in working and dealing with our warmer climate, if you’re moving for the first time here in South Carolina here are some helpful tips that could make your moving a bit more comfortable this summer.


1. Wear Lighter / Loose Clothing



While there’s a bit of debate about wearing light or dark clothing in the summer, it’s generally a good idea to wear more loose clothing no matter what you’re doing in the summer



Wearing loose clothing has the benefit of allowing your skin to breathe, which helps your sweat evaporate and carry off extra heat. 


2. Pace Yourself


Do your best to pace yourself during your move. Being in a rush can cause you to over-exert yourself.


This can be helped if you’ve planned your move well in advance (and allowed ample time for your move), something we discuss often in our blog.


3. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate


It’s summer, you’re moving; you’re most likely going to be sweating (a lot).  


Losing that excess water means your water levels need to be replenished, so be sure to not only hydrate before your move, but also during and after. 


And if you’re moving with pets, don’t forget about hydrating them too!


4. (Bonus) Hire Local Movers To Help


Want to save yourself from the heat & sweat this summer?  


If you hire movers to help you with your local or long distance move, you may not have to worry about surviving the heat during your move.

As mentioned, our team is well prepared and equipped for moving during the summer, so if you want to stay cool and enjoy the more fun parts of living in the Lowcountry, then hiring a trusted local moving partner is a great way to do just that.