When it comes time to move to another residence, it is always stressful. Moving requires a lot of work and planning to ensure things go smoothly without leaving anything out.



You have to gather moving boxes, markers, and tape, decide which items go where, and how you will package everything together compactly. This can be a big hassle and things get more hectic as you go.



There is good news for homeowners in the Charleston, SC metro area. Go Smooth Move is a reliable moving company that can help make your move less stressful for an affordable price. Our movers are professional, knowledgeable, and always make things easier on you when you are relocating.  




Why Go Local With Your Big Move?



There are a number of benefits associated with hiring in-town movers for an upcoming Lowcountry move. The following are the top five.



1. Local Movers Know the Area Well



One of the most important benefits of hiring local movers is they know the area well. Yes, there are GPS systems available to help plan your moving route, but you can’t rely on them to plan the easiest route to take that will also get you from point A to point B in the fastest amount of time. 



Most local moving companies don’t even need to use these applications to know where they are going. This is because they are usually experienced and have been around the block many times before, so they already know the best roads and detours to take where there is less traffic, construction, or other things to obstruct their path.



2. Get An Accurate, Detailed Price Quote



With so many people hurting financially these days, it is important to get a clear job estimate so you know you are not paying for something you don’t need or overpaying for what you do need. Why pay to move a piano if you don’t even have one? Local moving services will never take advantage of you by overcharging you. 



They will often visit your home and get all the information they need to put together a plan that works best for you and provide you with a detailed estimate of the full moving cost. And there are no hidden fees to worry about. Everything they charge you for will be noted and must be approved by you before the movers will proceed. 



This also helps those who are on a budget get the extra help they need, since they know what they have left to spend.



3. Local Movers Have All the Right Tools Needed for The Job



Most in-town movers provide quality moving services and have the right tools to complete any job. Every moving job is different since people have different things and some have much more than others. Good movers will tailor your move to fit your particular situation. 



Not only do they have enough room to transport all your belongings from one location to another, but they also have the right equipment to get the job done right. This includes dolly’s, ramps, rope, ladders, padding, and more. 



They ensure your things won’t be crushed or shoved around during transport so you won’t have to worry about fragile goods, important keepsakes, or anything else breaking.



4. Moving Companies in Your Area Offer Other Services



There’s no doubt that moving takes a lot of work that you probably aren’t looking forward to. Having friends and relatives there to help won’t make it much easier.



 In fact, while the gesture is nice, having people who are not professionals there to help can cost you even more time and frustration since they will have a lot of questions and by the time you get done explaining where to put what, you could have done it yourself. 



You can hire local professional movers to pack your things who won’t have to question you. Besides hauling your things from one place to another, most local moving companies also offer many other moving services, such as packing, packing supplies, storage space rentals, junk removal, and more.



5. Affordable Pricing with a Guarantee



When you choose to go local, you are usually also choosing to get affordable pricing as well. Local moving companies not only have low prices for moving services but they also offer you a guarantee so you can rest assured your stuff will get to where it needs to be in one piece.




Who We Are


Go Smooth Move is a family-owned local moving business in the Charleston Lowcountry area that believes it’s important to always treat people right. This applies to all our customers and the movers we employ. We offer all the above benefits and more to provide you with the best moving services available. 



Because we are local in the Lowcountry, we know all the faster routes and back roads to take to get your things there more efficiently and save you money on miles and fuel. We also give back to the community by supporting charitable organizations and participating in many community service events throughout the year. We are a full-service moving company that can help with all your moving needs. 



Our services and benefits include:


  • Moving and storage
  • Residential and commercial moves
  • Free estimates with no hidden fees
  • Fully insured, licensed, and bonded
  • Competitive, upfront rates



Smooth Move Is The Right Move



It’s easier to get reviews of local companies. Therefore, we hope you will check out what our customers have to say about us. 



Our staff and movers are fast, friendly, and extremely reliable, always providing our customers with the best experience possible when partnering with us. Moving may seem hard at first with work that’s never-ending, but the moment that our local movers arrive, you will find yourself breathing a sigh of relief and can relax knowing we got this. 



Reach out to the experts at Smooth Move and let us help make a difference in your moving experience and you may actually enjoy it.