Are you thinking of moving to Charleston? Then you’re already off to a great start. Many people consider Charleston, SC, one of the best cities in the United States.



The historic charm of the Holy City’s cobblestone streets paired with its miles of pristine beaches and laid-back lifestyle have earned Charleston a place in the hearts of locals and visitors alike.



Of course, making a long-distance move is daunting for most individuals and families. If you’re not quite ready to pack your bags, take a moment to read on. You’ll find out all you need to know about moving to Charleston.



Reasons to Move to Charleston, SC



Whether you’ve been to the Holy City or not, you’ve likely heard people who have been to Charleston gush about their experience. Charleston packs a punch for a small town when it comes to almost every aspect of living.



Historical Setting



Charleston is the oldest city in South Carolina, and it certainly shows in its architecture. The city proudly boasts one of the oldest historic preservation groups and is among the best cities for historic preservation.



Charleston originally got the nickname “The Holy City” because the city was founded on the principle of religious freedom. Today, the moniker refers to the numerous church steeples that dot the city’s skyline.



The steeples were used to guide ship captains into port. Now they are historical treasures. The city even has a law preventing the construction of buildings taller than the highest church steeples.



But the churches are not the only testament to Charleston’s rich history. Everywhere you go, the architecture of Charleston has a story to tell. Some of the highlights include Fort Sumter and the Magnolia Plantation.



People and Culture



Southern hospitality is alive and well in Charleston, SC, which often gets ranked one of the friendliest cities in the United States. It is not unusual for neighbors and even strangers to go out of their way to help one another.



So there’s no need to stress out about how to become a local in Charleston. The smiling faces and friendly waves will make you feel welcome right away. And don’t be surprised if strangers try to strike up a casual conversation.



But the friendliness and warmth of the local people are only part of what makes Charleston such a special place to live. Charleston is also the cultural capital of South Carolina.



You’ll be sure to find some of the best food, art, and music of your life in Charleston. This city values ingenuity and infuses the creative spirit into all aspects of life.



Great Weather



Many people consider Charleston’s climate perfect all year round. Residents enjoy access to the outdoors throughout all seasons. If you’re a person who values time spent in nature, Charleston is an excellent fit for you.



In the winter, temperatures rarely go below 50 degrees save for the occasional snowstorm. As a result, summers can run a little hot, drawing locals to the many beaches and pools.



Still, you won’t experience brutal cold or heat any time of year in Charleston. Being on the Atlantic coast also offers a wide variety of outdoor activities like boating, kayaking, golfing, and relaxing on the beach.



Excellent Education



Charleston boasts excellent public and private education. Some of the best elementary schools include Ashley River Creative Arts Elementary and the Orange Grove Elementary Charter.



There is even an excellent selection of Montessori schools, namely the Montessori Community School.



Charleston has excellent middle and high school options as well. Check out Wando High school and West Ashley High for some of the top-ranked options in the city.



In addition, Charleston offers an excellent selection of colleges and universities. These include the College of Charleston, Charleston South, The Citadel, and Trident Technical College.



Job Opportunities



Charleston offers a rapidly growing economy that performs significantly better than the national average every year. This is partly because the city boasts a Boeing production facility and a Volvo factory.



Other important Charleston industries include medicine, military, and shipping. With large companies adding new jobs every year, it is no wonder Charleston’s economy continues to grow.



Finding Your New Home in Charleston



Once you’ve decided that Charleston, SC, is the city for you, it’s time to think about where you’re going to live. We’ve pulled together information on the best neighborhoods, the rental market, and other considerations to factor in.



Best Neighborhoods



When it comes to selecting a Charleston neighborhood, the Holy City has various options. Whether you’re looking for historic vibes, the best up-and-coming areas, or something more laidback, you’ll find it in Charleston.



The best places to start looking for homes include the Charleston Peninsula, West Ashley, James Island, and Downtown Charleston. Of course, you need to take your budget into account.



Where you can afford to live will be a significant determining factor when shopping for Charleston real estate. The median value of a home in Charleston is just under $400,000.



Rental Market



The rental market in Charleston is relatively stable and consistent throughout the area. The most expensive places to rent include Downtown Charleston, the historic districts, and the regions along the coast.



If your budget is high, check out neighborhoods like Eastside, Hampton Park terrace, and Maxyck-Wraggborough. The cost of rent in these areas averages between $2000 and $2250.



Neighborhoods like Laurel Park, Queensborough, and Parkdale offer more moderate rental rates averaging around $1500. Those on a tight budget can check out Edgewater, Village Square, and Sandhurst.






Many people forget to take the commute into account when deciding on a place to live. However, it is essential to consider the commute because it will significantly affect your daily life.



Fortunately, most of Charleston’s best neighborhoods offer a relatively easy commute. The average commute times in Charleston often fall below the national average.



You can expect a commute of between 20 to 25 minutes for most areas of Charleston.



Everything You Need to Know About Moving to Charleston



While you’re considering moving to Charleston, there are a few things to remember. Charleston offers a sense of warmth and community, vibrant culture, and superb weather.



There are a variety of great neighborhoods to choose from at every price point, and the economy and schools are excellent. You really can’t lose when you choose a move to Charleston!



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