Moving to a new home is an exciting but often stressful process. We tend to underestimate the size and variety of personal items that we have collected over the years. These all add up to quite a long list when the time comes to get them all packed up and ready to move. 





All too often, homeowners are left overwhelmed and unsure of what to do next.





Nowhere is this more true than when it comes time to pack up the garage. For many people, the garage is a general storage area that has accumulated years of holiday decorations, stored clothing, power tools, and some things that they haven’t used or seen for years. 





When it comes to packing, many tools, such as garden tools, can be large, heavy, and too long to fit in ordinary moving boxes. 





Additionally, the sharp edges of many tools can pose a hazard to movers and homeowners alike if not properly protected and packed. This is why you will most likely spend the majority of your packing time focused on the garage.






Here at Smooth Move, we know all there is to know about packing. Today, we’re going to share some tips and tricks that will help you to have a better experience packing up your garage. Stay tuned to the end of the article, where we share the ultimate secret for the easiest move possible.




Get Rid Of The Clutter





The first step to take when packing up your garage is getting rid of everything you don’t need to pack. When you start to organize your belongings, it’s likely that you’ll start to find things that you no longer need or use. 





Getting rid of these can eliminate some of the clutter and make it easier for you to organize and pack what’s left. 





After all, there’s no sense in using time and money to move things that you don’t want or can’t use anymore.  




Some of these tools and items may still be functional. If you no longer need them, feel free to donate them to a local charity or hold a yard sale.





 As you work through the items, be sure to have a trash can on hand so that you can quickly get rid of the things that can’t be donated.





Part of this process of thinning out your garage items includes getting rid of the items that cannot be shipped. These include:





  • Pesticides
  • Fertilizers
  • Oil
  • Gas
  • Fireworks
  • Batteries With Acid
  • Any Other Hazardous or Flammable Chemicals





Gas and oil cannot be shipped. However, it is found in many kinds of power tools, such as leaf blowers, weed whackers, and lawn mowers. 





Be sure to drain these tools of all oil and gas in order to make them safe for moving. In addition, go ahead and remove any spark plugs from these machines to ensure that there is no risk of combustion of any remaining fuel.





Create An Inventory





Once you have removed everything you don’t want to move from your garage, the next step is to create an inventory of all the items you are moving. This is an important step because it provides a list that can be checked when you arrive at your new home. Using your inventory, you can make sure that you’re not missing anything.





Collect Packing Supplies





In order to properly secure and store all the tools and equipment in your garage, you’re going to need the right kind of packing supplies. These include:





  • Strong Packing Tape
  • Cardboard Boxes
  • Specialty Boxes For Different Purposes
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Large Moving Plastic Wrap
  • Ratchet Straps
  • Moving Paper
  • Moving Blankets
  • Strong Twine





Using these supplies, you’ll be able to safely and securely store all the different items in your garage.





Hand Tools and Power Tools





The main advantage of moving hand tools is that many of them are made of tough materials and are designed to be resilient. However, it is still important to ensure that they are protected to prevent damage to them and to you and anyone helping you with your move.




 Many tools come with original plastic cases designed to protect them in transport. If you still have these cases, it’s best to use them. 




Place your tools in their protective cases before placing them in boxes for easier moving. However, those cases are also often misplaced or lost. If you no longer have them, disassemble the parts of the tool as much as possible. 




Many power tools have sharp edges that can be dangerous. Wrap the tools in bubble wrap for added protection. This not only saves the tool in the event of the box being dropped but can also help prevent harm from coming to the person carrying the box.





If you have a large number of hand tools in one place, such as in a toolbox, feel free to simply leave them in the box with the drawers and doors closed. To prevent the drawers from sliding open, the toolbox can be wrapped in moving plastic wrap.





Long-Handled Garden Tools





When it comes to larger, more awkward tools, it can be difficult to know how to more efficiently and safely package them for moving. These include shears, metal rakes, brooms, shovels, and anything else of a similar shape and size. 





The general approach for securing these is to bundle them using strong twine and moving blankets. This makes it easier to move them all at once and provides protection against the sharp edges of the garden tools.





The Ultimate Secret – Hire Smooth Move!





We have only scratched the surface of all the different items you may need to move out of your garage. Outdoor furniture will need to be dismantled and the hardware stored and labeled. If you’re moving your grill, it will need to be cleaned, and any propane or coal fuel will need to be removed. 




Then there are the fragile ceramic pots and planters as well as appliances which can be awkward and heavy to move on your own. Washing and dryer machines can be easily dented or scratched, and freezers must be allowed to fully defrost and dry out before moving.





You could try to handle all of this on your own, or you could hire the best local movers in Charleston, South Carolina, Smooth Move. We are a locally owned and operated moving company that guarantees you’ll get the best service at the best price possible.