There are many reasons to choose a mobile storage pod for your local moving and storage needs. One of the most popular ones we hear at Smooth Move of Rock Hill is that these containers are climate-controlled. Now that spring is here and it’s starting to heat up, this feature becomes even more important. Here are some important reasons why you should consider protecting your stuff this summer with a mobile storage pod.

  • Climate-controlled storage keeps your belongings clean and fresh. Outdoor storage buildings seem like a great idea…until you get to the summer. When it’s almost 100 degrees outside, you can bet that it’s that hot inside the storage unit—or hotter. That means there’s a greater chance for your things to get musty, moldy, or mildewed. Plastics may warp and candles may melt. A climate-controlled mobile storage pod will save you from this unpleasant surprise.
  • A climate-controlled mobile storage pod from Smooth Move means less work for you. That’s because you can choose for our expert moving crews to pack up your pod for you. That’s not offered by any of our competitors. Avoid having to brave the summer heat in Rock Hill, SC to load and unload your stuff. Let Smooth Move take care of it for you.

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