A recent survey found that tipping is declining in the US. It may be an integral part of American culture, but now only 73% say that they always tip at a sit-down restaurant. Delivery and rideshare drivers get tipped even less often.




But what about when you move house? Should you tip movers and if so, how much? 




Since most of us only move every once in a while, you’ve no doubt got other burning moving questions you need to find the answer to. Read on to learn everything you need to know about moving tipping etiquette – and more!




Should You Tip Movers?



Like all tipping, the decision to tip movers is entirely up to you. If you feel that the movers have done a great job then feel free to show your appreciation by tipping. You can rest assured that they’ll appreciate it.




Moving day is full of hustle and bustle, so don’t worry about tipping as you go through the process. Tip them at the end of the day.




It’s a good idea to add cash for tips to your moving to-do list. Make sure you have some cash with you so you’re not left looking for an ATM at the end of a very long day.




How Much Should You Tip Movers?



Again, there are no set rules. The 15 to 20 percent we normally tip at restaurants doesn’t apply here. 




Be prepared to tip according to the job done. For example, you may have a lot of delicate or valuable items to move. If the movers do a very careful job and move everything in one piece, a larger tip can show how much you appreciate their care.




Also, take into account how organized you are. The more organized you are, the easier the move is for them. Also, weather conditions can play a big part in how hard the job is for them.




A good rule of thumb is 5 to 10 percent of the cost of hiring movers. So if you paid $1,200 total, then set aside a tip fund of $60-$120 to be divided between the number of movers. If they do a great job, you may decide to tip at the higher end of the scale or more. 




Another way to do it is to find out how many movers will be coming, and set aside $5 per mover, per hour.




Other Common Moving Questions



Do you find the whole moving process perplexing? Here are seven moving questions that many people have.




How Long Will the Move Take?



Generally, about one hour per room is a good rule of thumb. However, if there are lots of steps involved or heavy items, it may take longer. Talk to the company about your home or request an on-site estimate if the move is more complicated.




What Is a Bill of Lading?



You might associate a bill of lading with a cargo ship, but it’s something that movers need to provide as well. Simply put, it’s a legal document that shows what is being moved and where it is going. It will outline the charges and when they need to be paid.




The driver who loads your goods into the moving truck will provide you with a copy of it on moving day. It’s important to check it to make sure that you’re literally all on the same page. Sort out any misunderstandings now before the moving process starts.




What Is a Binding or Non-Binding Estimate?



A binding estimate is a contract that sets out the exact cost of the move. This is based on the services that you have agreed with the movers at the time of the estimate. If you need additional services, these will be billed separately and will not be included in the binding estimate.




When you work with experienced movers, you can have confidence in their estimates. They do this day in, day out and can provide very accurate estimates for your move.




A non-binding estimate is a contract that charges you based on the weight of the shipment. The movers weigh the truck before loading and again after. The cost will be based on weight and any additional charges incurred on the day.




You can still request an estimate if you choose the non-binding estimate option, but this will just provide you with a ball-park figure for the move.




Are Goods Protected While in Transit?



Yes, if you choose a company that is insured.




The level of insurance cover they provide will depend on their policy. Don’t be afraid to ask each company for specific details before deciding on which mover is right for you. 




When’s the Best Time to Move?



Summer is a very popular time of year to move. The weather is good and the kids are out of school. But if you’re looking to reduce your costs, November 1 – March 31 is the off-peak season. 




Also, by scheduling your move from Monday to Thursday, you’ll avoid paying a weekend premium. 




Can You Change Your Moving Date?



Let your movers know as soon as you find out that your moving date has changed. They’ll try to accommodate your request, but they may already be booked out. Also, the cost may be higher. 




Are Movers Really Necessary?



It can be tempting to try to save a few bucks by doing a DIY move. But on moving day, you’ll likely regret it.




Moving companies have the equipment and experience needed to carry out a smooth move. You’ll be risking your back and making your day much more stressful if you try to go it alone. Plus, you’re much more likely to avoid accidents with professional movers. 




Let Smooth Move Answer All Your Moving Questions



The answer to ‘should you tip movers?’ is a resounding yes! Everyone appreciates a tip on a job well done, and movers are no exception.




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