Moving to a new home doesn’t have to be stressful and overwhelming. So long as you have the right movers who can help, we can assure a Smooth Move for you.


We have provided effective packing tips below to help you with your move, whether local or long-distance.


Give Yourself Enough Time 


To help you pack efficiently, ensure that you have more than enough time to decide what valuables to keep and enough time for the actual packing. Depending on the size of your home, you may need at least a month or two if you own a lot of things.


When it comes to moving, it’s always better to plan ahead and not cram on the last few days as you might end up packing things you don’t really need. As much as possible, you’d want only to pack things that you need to keep in your new home.


Having enough time to pack also ensures efficient packing and gives you enough time to organize all of the boxes for the move. Please don’t wait until the last minute. Otherwise, you may end up spending more money or damaging your valuables because you didn’t pack them well.


Note: If you’re planning to have a garage sale, we recommend that you give yourself at least two months to help you dispose of all your items for sale.


Decide What You Want to Keep in Your New Home


Before packing, it would be best to have an inventory of all of the things you own. Creating a list is an efficient way to help you decide which ones you want to keep, give away, sell, throw or donate.


Packing for a move also allows you to declutter. Have separate boxes for things you want to give away to family or friends and other stuff you want to donate. If you have appliances that you haven’t been using for years, we suggest you take time to really think if you need that in your new home. Otherwise, consider selling it or ask a trusted friend if they want to keep it.


For a less stressful move, ensure that you get rid of all the junk as much as possible. Never consider packing them, thinking that you might need them in the future. If you haven’t been using them for years, it’s likely you’ll never use them at all.


Organize and Label the Items Properly 


Start with one room first to help you properly organize your stuff. Make sure that you properly label the boxes. Those valuables that need to be handled with extra care should be in separate boxes also labeled appropriately. If possible, consider taking them with you in the car.


You may start packing valuables in your living room. First, ensure that you properly place them in the box and that they are packed properly. Next, label the boxes but try not to tape them yet, in case you’ll need to add more stuff in it. When labeling, include details such as what type of things are inside the box and where to place the box in your new home.


Don’t Pack Perishable Items


If you still have food and beverages in the fridge or the pantry, consider consuming them all or giving them away. Perishable food and non-perishable food in sealed containers shouldn’t be packed as they may attract vermin. Avoid buying groceries at least a month before your move to give you time to consume all the food in the pantry or your fridge.


In addition, don’t pack essentials that you need upon arrival, or you may end up looking through the boxes and ruining your other stuff. Instead, please keep them in a large bag and take them with you during the move.


What to do During the Move


If you have kids, we suggest taking them somewhere else as they might only distract the movers or interfere with the move. Ask a family member to take them to the mall or the park to ensure a smooth move. You can do the same for the pets.


Below are our helpful tips during the move:


Find Out Your Apartment’s Move-In Stipulations


Do you live in a condominium? It’s likely that you have some certain move-in stipulations that you need to adhere to. There might be a need for you to reserve elevators, or movers may not be allowed at certain times of the day. Ensure that you work this out for a smoother move. Also, make sure that parking is available for the mover to avoid other issues during the move.


Check Every Room


As soon as the movers are done with the first room, always double-check it to ensure that you didn’t leave anything behind. You need to also turn off the lights and close all the windows. Finally, prepare a broom to ensure that the room is also clean and tidy.


To avoid other problems during the move, ensure that you’re also aware of what’s included in the cost of the move. Always read the contract first and make sure that you have fully read and understood the agreement before signing it. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask your mover.


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