Moving is stressful enough when it comes to moving into a new home.


Now, imagine if your business takes off and you have to move across town into a larger commercial building to allow for expansion and growth.


Even if you might not quite be there yet, you should start thinking about the possibility of needing a professional moving company to help you along the way.


Corporate relocation makes up 39% of those using professional movers to make commercial office moving easier for everyone involved.


Continue reading to learn why you need to hire a commercial moving company for your business in Charleston.


What Challenges Might You Face During Commercial Office Moving?


It’s inevitable. A ton of things might go wrong during the move when you are relocating your commercial office.


You might feel stressed or overwhelmed at the thought of it. It’s all about how you handle each situation that you might find yourself in.


Staying in Budget


Moving is expensive. When you decide that it’s finally time to relocate your office, you will need to budget for everything and make sure that you stick to the budget. Make sure that you budget for a moving service to make the entire transition easier. Staying within budget means saving money for your company and not having to worry about additional expenses.


Keeping Private Information Secure


As a business owner, you know that keeping your client’s and employee’s information secure is crucial to your success. When you are relocating your office, this information becomes vulnerable.



Staying Open in Some Capacity


Another issue that you may face is lower productivity during the move. You may still want to stay open in some capacity, but you don’t really know how to make that work. If possible, you’ll want to schedule your move for the nights or weekends when you don’t have clients making demands and employees needing your attention.


If you are unable to stay open during the move, make sure that you warn your employees and clients ahead of time so they can plan for any disruptions in the services that your company provides.


Planning for Space


Before you move, you will need to get to know the new office’s layout. The last thing you will want to do is try to figure out where things need to go once you already have everything moved to the new place.


Walk through the new office ahead of time and account for outlets, light switches, and phone lines are ahead of time so that you know where furniture, office spaces, and copy machines will have to go.


How Can a Moving Company Help Make Things Easier?


When you consider hiring commercial moving services to assist with your move, the entire relocation process gets a little easier. The benefits are nearly endless when it comes to using a commercial office moving service rather than trying to do it yourself.


More Organization and Coordination for an Easier Move


Your moving service is going to make the move more organized because you won’t have to handle the packing and moving on your own. They will handle packing everything and making sure that all of it makes it to the new office location in one piece.


These services are known for having someone coordinating the move every step of the way. They may even have someone awaiting their arrival to direct the unloading of the truck in an organized manner.


You Don’t Have to Do the Heavy Lifting


Moving companies have the proper tools for moving heavy office equipment, including cranes and forklifts to manage the move of copiers, printers, and desks. With these services, you don’t have to worry about the physical strain and possible injuries on you or your employees (especially when OSHA lifting techniques are not being used).


A professional company will be able to handle everything while taking some of the stress of the move off of you. Without this stress, you will be able to focus on keeping your company afloat while the move takes place.


You can figure out how to offer certain services over the internet or by phone so that your productivity levels don’t completely plummet while your office is unusable.


They’re Covered By Insurance


The right commercial moving service is going to have enough insurance coverage for your peace of mind. They will move your office equipment as carefully as possible, but it’s possible that something might get broken in the process.


You won’t have to worry because they will be fully insured, bonded, and protected through their insurance policies.


Your Sensitive Info Remains Private


You can count on a top-notch moving company to keep your sensitive information safe and secure during the move.


They can be trusted to transport your commercial office from one area to another in one trip on one truck, keeping all of your confidential information in one place. This sense of security remains intact if it gets stuck in rush-hour traffic or stranded overnight due to engine trouble.


Hire Movers Your Commercial Office in Charleston


Your options for movers during a commercial office moving are endless. However, at Smooth Move, you can rest assured knowing that your office is being handled with the utmost care. We know what we’re doing when it comes to handling valuable equipment and sensitive information regarding your clients and your employees.


Contact Smooth Move today for assistance in relocating your commercial office in Charleston.