Around 31 million people move within the United States every year. These people move at all different days and seasons. You might wonder, why is it better to move at different times of the year?



There are pros and cons of moving no matter when you decide to do it. Yet, moving in the new year may have some interesting benefits for you to learn. 



Keep reading to learn why moving in the new year could be a great option for you. 




Why Move in the Winter?


Compared to fall, spring, and summer, winter is a pretty good time to move. For one, it’s the cheapest. If you’re worried about spending an arm and a leg on a moving company, winter will have the lowest prices



Moving in winter is especially attractive if you don’t have any children in school. This fact usually disincentivizes people to move during this time. Therefore, there is less demand for moving companies and other moving essentials. 



Since moving companies will be less busy you won’t have to fight over days and time slots. You’ll have plenty of moving options for yourself and your family to move on your time. 




Waiting Until Spring


Some people who want to move in the new year wait just a couple of months into the spring. Moving in March or April and even early May can be a good decision.



Yet, you shouldn’t wait until mid-May. The moving season begins around May 29th. Waiting until the end of spring will make it difficult to hire a good moving company because they will all be booked and busy.



Moving in the spring will also be difficult if you have school-aged children. This is the time for final exams and end-of-school activities. 




Pros of Moving During the Holidays


Moving during the holidays has a long list of pros and cons. Some people find it cheaper and easier. Others think that it is stressful and difficult. Your family, your environment, and your traditions may determine your outlook. 



Spend Time With Friends and Family



When you are wondering “why is it better to move during different times of the year?” we have an answer for the holidays. The holidays often bring family and friends much closer. 



You hold family dinners, exchange gifts, and spend more time together throughout the winter. If you move during the holiday season your family might be happy to help or accommodate you in their home as needed. 



It’s a win-win. You can help your family or friends with their holiday setup. In exchange, they help you with your move. 



Good Time for Switching Schools 



While switching in the middle of the school year isn’t always recommended, doing so during the holidays can be beneficial.



Winter break marks the end of the first semester for many schools. Your child should be caught up and preparing for a brand-new semester to come. If you move during this break, they can start fresh at a new school.



Additionally, moving them to a new school before the second semester, instead of the first. may allow them to get the extra attention they need. They will likely be one of only a few new students for teachers to help. 




Cons of Moving In The New Year


Though the advantages of moving during the holidays are pretty great, the disadvantages may outweigh them. You should consider all this before you move during the holidays. 



Extra Stressful



When thinking about the pros and cons of moving during the holidays, stress is obvious. Moving in the new year has the added stress of making the holiday great while also dealing with the logistics of moving house. 



Keep in mind this stress is still manageable. You can try your best not to worry about things that are out of your control. Focus on the moving process and consider making a checklist so moving can go even more smoothly. 



Winter Weather



Winter weather is one of the worst aspects of moving during this time of year. It’s especially true depending on where you live



There are many things you can do to prepare for this weather, though. Be sure to have enough jackets and blankets on hand for an emergency. Put a shovel, sand, and an ice scraper in your car.



Always drive slowly and cautiously in winter weather. More likely than not, you will make it to your new home safely. 



Pros and Cons of Moving 



Despite the weather, holiday plans, and more, moving has pros and cons on its own that you should be aware of. Let’s take a look at them:






A major benefit of moving is decluttering. Of course, you can declutter without moving, but you can never quite get everything. When you move you have to look at and pack each item you own. 



This makes it easy to pack up several bags of unneeded clutter and bring them to your local thrift store. As you peel back your old things a fresh start will appear. You can let go of things that were weighing you down. 



With a fresh start comes new friends. You’ll meet new neighbors, businesses, and maybe coworkers. Moving can give you a whole new mindset and way of life. 






Cost can be a huge disadvantage of moving. Hiring a moving company, buying new furniture and household items can become pricey. There are ways to keep costs down, but you have to be ready for this financial aspect.



Time is also money. You have to put a lot of work into moving and probably take days off at your job to do so. Yet, with some careful planning, all this is manageable. It will all pay off in the end.



Why Is it Better to Move at Different Times of the Year?


Why is it better to move at different times of the year? There are many reasons to move at different times of the year. Yet, moving during the new year is often beneficial for many people. 



From cutting costs to winter weather, the pros and cons of moving during the holidays seem endless. It’s up to you and your family to decide if the bad outweighs the good. 



When you do decide, let our professionals at Smooth Move treat you right. We are a full-service moving company that will make sure you have the smoothest move possible. Contact us for a quote today.