You want to ensure you’re fully prepared to make it as easy and successful as possible. 



The time that you choose to move will have a sizable impact on how things go, so you want to make sure you’ve thought about exactly when you’ll be doing it.



So what are the best and worst times to move? Here’s what you need to know.

What Is the Best Time of Year to Move House?



If you’re wondering what season you should move homes, there’s no straight answer. It depends on various factors such as your needs, wants, and budget.






In spring the weather is generally milder. This may be preferable as there will probably be a lot of heavy lifting back and forth.






Demand is generally high in the summer, which means selling your old home will likely be easier. If you’ve got children, this may also be ideal. It will mean they don’t need to change schools in the middle of the school year.






Fall offers some of the best weather conditions for moving – generally pleasant but not too hot. Demand will be a bit lower after the summer so you might be able to get a better deal.






The weather is less ideal in the winter, and it may not be best to move over the festive season if you have children. The benefit, however, is that demand is at its lowest, so you might be able to get the best deal. Moving companies also tend to be more flexible in the winter.



What Is the Best Month to Move House?



Again, this comes down to your own needs, almost 45% of people choose to move between May and August. 



The majority of moves happen between spring and summer, mainly because it’s easier for families with children. The weather also makes moving more pleasant at this time. If you’re happy to wait until the fall/winter, you’ll be able to take advantage of the lower demand.


What Is the Best Week of the Month to Move House?



This may not be as important a factor as the time of year, but it can still make a difference to your moving experience. It can be better to move in the middle of the month and avoid moving during the first or last week.



More people move at the beginning and end of the month – especially on the first and last weekend. Demand is higher at these times, which you want to avoid. It’s worth noting that most leases begin on the first day of the month, so this is often the busiest day – June 1st and 30th are the busiest move dates of the year, followed by September 1st and 30th.

What Is the Best Day to Move House?



Most people work on weekdays, which means you may find it much easier to move at the weekend. With that in mind, the busiest moving day of the week is Monday (with 19% of moves) and the least busy is Sunday (with 8% of moves).



Roads can be busier on weekends, which can slow things down. By moving on a weekday you’ll then have the weekend to take care of any unpacking and organizing.



What Is the Best Time of Day to Move House?



It’s usually best to move in the morning, and almost any professional moving company will agree with this. It’s fairly typical for a moving company to arrive at your home around 8-10 am to get started.



It’s cooler in the morning, which is ideal for moving, especially in the warmer months. When starting in the morning, everything may be done by around 2 pm. Getting finished this early means no moving heavy items and large furniture during the hottest part of the day.



People also tend to feel more energized in the morning, making the whole process easier. You’ll then be able to get your essentials unpacked in the afternoon rather than having to sort through things late at night.



Other Considerations to Think About When Moving



While the points above may help you narrow things down to the most ideal time to move, other aspects of your life might play a part. If you’re very busy at work, for example, then taking time off may not be the best choice, and moving at the weekend may be more suitable.



Having children can also affect things. While you could move at any time of the year, having your kids move schools in the middle of a semester can complicate things, and they might be less happy about it.



Weather is also something to consider – rain, snow, and wind are all bad conditions for moving home. Rock Hill and Charleston can experience this kind of weather in the winter, so you might want to avoid this.



Should Moving Stats Affect Your Choice?



When looking at moving stats, it’s clear that most people move in the spring/summer. This is because the weather is better, and it’s generally easier. While you may want to avoid this and go for a time with less demand, it can often be worth paying a bit extra for the convenience of moving at a time that suits you better.



So when asking “what is the best time to move?”, it’s ultimately down to what fits your lifestyle best. Smooth Move operates throughout Rock Hill and Charleston, and we can help make your move as easy as possible.