Is it surprising to learn that each year, 31 million Americans move to a new location? Are you thinking about moving? Will you need to hire professional movers?



If you have a lot of stuff or a lot of heavy stuff, this may be too much to ask of friends. It may also be risky for their health and your treasured piano, for example. For those moving long distances, choosing professional local movers is often the best choice.



Did you know what other services moving companies do?  You may be surprised at the many ways they can meet non-move-related needs. Keep reading to learn more.



Storage Services



Have you found yourself stuck between two homes? The first one closed sooner than expected and there are delays on your new one? What do you do with all your things?



Many moving businesses have portable storage containers. The expert movers can load your items in the most space-efficient manner.



These containers are then placed in a warehouse facility. Be sure to ask if these buildings are climate controlled to reduce the risk of damage. Storage facilities also have security in place to protect your belongings.



Following natural disasters, such as hurricanes, these containers have served other purposes. Individuals can place salvaged items in a container during home repair.



Packing Services



This aspect of the moving company’s services includes many different situations. They will come in and pack up everything in your home. Often, they provide all the packing boxes and materials needed for the job.



Then the movers remove your boxes and possessions. Their expertise allows them to efficiently and safely load the trucks. Once you get to your destination, they’ll unload the boxes and furniture.



Did you know that you can also have them unpack all your boxes at the new location? You simply act as the director telling the movers where to place things. How amazing is that?





This seems like a given, but there are several important considerations when moving. It’s important to choose a company that’s licensed, bonded, and insured. These steps help protect your possessions from damage or theft.





In South Carolina, household goods moves must have a license/certificate. The Office of Regulatory Staff (ORS) inspects the company’s application, equipment, and vehicle. They also check to see if they’ve purchased the appropriate insurance.



The ORS then gives its recommendation to the South Carolina Public Service Commission. Upon approval, the company receives its Class E- Household Goods Mover’s Certificate.





Bonding means that the business pays a bonding company to keep a reserve of money. If there’s ever a claim made against the moving business, they can use this money. This is the only time payments are made from this account.



Companies will always make it clear that they’re bonded. If you don’t see evidence of this, beware and ask. Those who aren’t bonded may not be a good choice.



Fully Insured


In South Carolina, business-owned vehicles must have a commercial insurance policy. This covers damage to property or injuries that might occur in an accident. It also provides financial protection in the event of vehicle theft or other types of damage.



South Carolina companies must also buy general liability insurance. This policy covers personal and customer bodily injuries.



It also provides coverage for risks associated with third parties. Most commercial leases also require this insurance.



What Other Services Do Moving Companies Do?


So far, most of the services have been what you often think of when it comes to moving companies. But there are still more ways they can help you with non-move-related challenges.



Some individuals need one or more large items held for a few days. Smooth Move is happy to hold items in their truck for up to three nights. There’s a $150 per night fee for this service.



Do you have a truck but need laborers? The moving company can provide workers to load and unload your storage unit or truck.



Are you in a situation where a property you’re responsible for is overrun with junk? Sometimes this occurs when a friend or family member dies.



You can hire workers from a moving company to come in and remove the items. Often, they charge an extra fee to dispose of the “junk”.



Moving companies also serve as delivery trucks. At peak business times, such as Christmas, your business may become overwhelmed. Or your delivery vehicle may break down.



You may need something you bought delivered because you can’t fit it in your vehicle. Consider hiring a moving company. Some businesses restrict the number of items to three or fewer.



Tips for Planning a Move


When you begin the process of planning a household move, start by purging. Reducing the amount of stuff saves time, space, and even money.



Consider cleaning drapes, rugs, slipcovers, couches, and chairs. This lets you move clean items into your new space.



If possible, paint, refinish/replace the flooring, and complete remodeling before moving in. It’s easier to do this in an empty space. Then your new place will be in living condition quicker.



Take pictures of all the rooms in your new place. Give each room a name and consider putting a sign with the room’s name on the door.



As you pack, label the box with the name of the room it is to go in. When unloading, boxes and furniture can be placed into the correct room. This keeps everything organized and easier to find.



Last, don’t forget to complete all change of address details.



Are You Looking for the Best Moving Company in South Carolina?


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