While moving to a new home can be exciting, planning a move is one of the most stressful life events you can experience. 




One thing that may help is hiring professional movers to help you through the process. Do you want to know what to expect when hiring movers for your upcoming transition? 




Keep reading this guide for everything you should expect from your moving services!




Taking Inventory




When you hire movers, one of the first things you need to do is take inventory of all of your belongings that you need to have moved. This is typically necessary when you get a quote from a moving company, as it will help them understand how long it will take them to pack up each of your belongings. 




Getting a Quote




Once you have taken inventory of all of your belongings, you can get an accurate moving estimate. Getting a quote from several different companies will make it easier to shop around for a moving service that fits your budget. 




Different moving companies will offer different services and rates. For example, a company that simply helps with loading and unloading your moving truck will cost less than a full-service packing and unpacking moving service. 




Make sure you learn more about each of these services and their prices before selecting a moving company. 




The Walk-Through




On the day of your move, you should expect your movers to arrive on time. They should also arrive in a moving truck with their company name. This is a sign of a professional company! 




Then, they will start with the walk-through of your home. The movers will walk through your home and create a written list of everything they will pack up and move. During this walk-through, they will give each item an inventory number and will assess the condition of your belongings. 




This way, you will be able to tell if they damaged or lost any of your belongings in the move. 




During the walk-through, make sure you go over everything you want to be moved with the moving crew. You can also use this time to mention special items, like valuables or fragile items, that will require special care. 




Packing Your Belongings




If you hire a full-service moving company, they will also help you pack up all of your belongings on the day of your move.




Because they have so much experience packing and unpacking for homeowners, they will take precautionary measures when packing your belongings to help you avoid damage. 




For example, they will use things like furniture cushions, bubble wrap, and other materials to protect your belongings that are easy to damage. 




A full-service moving company will also bring all of the moving supplies you will need. this includes moving dollies, boxes, tape, and more.  If necessary, they will also help you disassemble your furniture to get it out of your home and into the moving truck. 




Safeguarding Your Home




High-quality movers should also do everything in their power to protect your home. Unfortunately, many low-quality moving companies will not take any extra measures to safeguard your home. 




This can result in property damage and even injuries while they move your belongings. 




A high-quality company should always use things like carpet protectors and moving blankets to prevent damage to your flooring, walls, and stairways. 




Truck Loading and Transport




Once everything is safely packaged up and ready to go to your new home, your movers will begin loading the moving truck. This needs to be done carefully to prevent things from shifting and to protect valuable or fragile items from getting damaged during transportation. 




If you hire an experienced moving company, they will know the best practices to follow when loading things in the moving truck. 




Then, your movers will transport your belongings to your new home. If you are planning a move across the country, your movers will give you a contract that details the expected delivery date of your belongings. 




Unpacking in Your New Space




Once your belongings have been delivered to your new home, your movers will start unloading everything in your new space! If you want your belongings in a specific location, you can stand by your front door and tell the moving crew where to put each box. 




Make sure you have the inventory list with you as your movers unload your belongings. It will be up to you to make sure everything has arrived in good condition and that nothing was lost or damaged during the move. 




Your movers should also be very careful to protect your new space as they unload the moving truck. They will take many precautions to prevent scratches and dents on your walls and flooring as they help you organize your new home. 




While some movers may not provide the same level of quality, you should always expect your movers to be highly professional, safe, and efficient as they help you move. 




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When you are hiring a professional company for your household move, you need to understand exactly how they will help you!




Learning what to expect when hiring movers can help you feel prepared and can lower your stress during this new phase of life.