Did you know fall and winter is a much better time to move your office if you’re located in the Charleston area compared to the spring or summer? Choosing when you’ll move is just one of the factors you need to consider when moving your office.


However, there are other things you need to know, especially when it comes to booking office movers. Let’s take a look at some critical information you should know before booking your office moving services. 


Plan Ahead


It is critical that you plan ahead when moving to a new office location. This means you should book your movers about four to six weeks before the moving date. However, you can book as soon as you lock down a date. 


This allows you to ensure you get the moving company that you want. It’s also necessary because office moves are a lot more complex than a residential move. You need to have everything coordinated so you can open it again quickly.


They also entail dealing with equipment transportation and assembly, data and intellectual property protection, auto transportation, and employee relocation. Planning ahead and finding helpful office moving tips can make this process go smoother.


Planning ahead also means you should have funding for at least three months at the new location before deciding to move. This helps ensure your business’s finances are in order in the middle of an already big change.


Check for Restrictions


Before you book your office moving services, it’s important to check for any restrictions from your old or new building. They may have restrictions as it’s quite common for office buildings to restrict moving.


This may affect what days and times you are allowed to move or what elevators or loading areas you can use. Make sure to check with the building management in both your old and new buildings before you book your moving company.


Don’t Do It All Alone


Just because you are in charge of the moving process doesn’t mean you should do it all alone.  While you can create the master plan for the move, there are others who can help you.


Most employees will have personal belongings on their desks. If these are left there on the moving day, corporate movers will pack everything if they don’t have instructions not to. 


It’s better to ask your employees to pack their desks on their own to make sure everything makes it to the new location smoothly. You can even have them take their personal items home for the duration of the move. 


In addition, you should consider delegating some tasks to others. For example, assigning someone to be in charge of taking inventory can help free up your brain space so you can take care of other logistics as needed.


Hire a Professional Moving Company


You might be tempted to skimp on moving services to save a bit of money. But you could be putting important items such as assets and data in jeopardy. 


Instead of thinking of it as an expense, think of hiring a professional moving company as an investment to ensure your move will go smoothly. You should also make sure the company you hire has experience with corporate moves.


What to Look For in an Office Moving Company


When choosing commercial movers there are a number of factors you should consider before booking. First, look up how many years the company has been in service. In general, a longer time means more experience.


You should also look at online reviews to get a feeling of their reputation. Pay special attention to reviews of moves that are similar to yours. This can help you get a good idea of how your experience might be.


Corporate movers should also have adequate insurance and licensing. This helps protect you from financial loss and can give you better peace of mind. You can also ask if the company is a member of any moving associations which give even more credence.


What Services Do You Need?


When you are choosing a moving company it’s important that you choose one that offers the services you need. This is especially important because you’ll be having to deal with a lot of items that may need to be organized and/or moved in a certain way. 


You want to make sure your moving company can handle it. It’s very helpful to choose a company that will pack for you. Getting stuck packing yourself or relying on employees can slow the process down. A company will do it quickly and carefully.


Equipment and furniture set up is also a helpful service to look for. Some larger items may need to be taken apart in order to get them out of the building. This service will make it easier to get back up and running in a decent time.




Make sure you get a custom quote from each company you are considering. It’s important that this quote is custom based on your specific job. This will help you get a decently accurate estimate to be able to compare and plan. 


When you are looking at prices, it’s important to not only compare the monetary totals but also what service you are getting. You might pay a little more for a company with a good reputation but will also have better peace of mind regarding the service.


Choose the Best Office Movers


If you are looking at moving your office to a new location, hiring the best office movers for your needs is critical. Make sure you plan ahead, check for restrictions, and get the help you need.


Qualified commercial movers can make the process much simpler.


Contact Smooth Move today for a personalized quote for your upcoming office move.