What’s one of the things people get the most anxious about when they’re moving to the Fort Mill, SC area? Although there are several things that will be on the top of everyone’s mind, the safety and security of your belongings is definitely one that may cause a little stress. After all, there’s no worse feeling than opening a box in your new home, only to find that your fragile or delicate items have been damaged. How can you keep this from happening? The best answer is also the simplest: make sure you’re using the right moving supplies. Here are some guidelines from Smooth Move, your trusted local movers in Rock Hill, SC and Charleston, SC:

  • Find out if your movers also sell moving supplies. Professional-grade boxes and wraps are designed to hold up to the stress of a move. Some movers may also rent supplies, like moving blankets.
  • Make sure you have enough boxes for your move. It’s human nature to try and cram as much stuff as possible into a box. However, this could increase the chances for damage during the move. Get enough boxes so you can pack everything in the most careful manner possible.
  • Don’t forget to wrap! Wrapping your items in paper or bubble wrap gives them a protective cushion against settling. It will also keep them secure if a box is jostled or a pothole is hit.

At Smooth Move, our movers in Rock Hill, SC and Charleston, SC are committed to keeping your belongings safe while they’re in our care. Get a free online quote or call our moving company to discuss the details of your move.