If you’re planning a house move in Charleston, South Carolina, you’re probably fretting over the question, “Where can I find reliable local house movers near me in the Lowcountry?” That question leads to more questions:



  • Should I handle the move myself?
  • Should I hire a national moving company or a local one?
  • I need other services, too. Can a moving company provide them all?



If you’re still debating over those questions, Smooth Move of Charleston and Rock Hill is here with answers and solutions. Find out why hiring our team of local house movers is the right move!



Local, Friendly Customer Service



If you hire a national moving company, you never know who you’ll be talking to when you have questions. Will it be someone local or will it be someone in an office hundreds of miles away? When problems arise, how quickly will they help?



At Smooth Move, a local customer service representative is only a phone call or short drive away. He or she knows what questions to ask, how to solve your issues quickly and knows how moves in South Carolina actually play out.



Not convinced? Check out the glowing reviews customers have left about our Lowcountry local house movers and customer service representatives! After using our services, we’d love to hear from you, too.



Same-day Estimates



According to Consumer Affairs, the most accurate moving cost quotes come from in-person assessments conducted by moving company professionals. In our experience, that’s totally true.



However, if you go with a national moving company, you may have to wait on that quote. Depending on their hours, you may have to leave work early and re-arrange your schedule.



At Smooth Move, we offer same-day moving estimates whenever possible. You want a quick, accurate quote so you can get your budget in order. We’re here to make that happen.



Visit our FAQ page for more information about our local moving quote process. Want a ballpark estimate? Get a moving quote online within 24 hours.



No Deposits for Same-day Local Moves



Moving advice website Moving.Tips says you’ll most likely need to pay a deposit before moving. That may be true for some of our competitors, but if you’re doing a same-day local house move with Smooth Move, there’s no deposit required.



Even though deposits typically go towards moving costs, it’s one more step that could slow down a move. A deposit means shuffling around finances, more paperwork and more payment processing time. While some of our services may require a deposit, when you’re in a hurry, we do everything we can to keep you on-time.



Moving is an exciting time, but we know you’d rather spend more time making a new house a home than dealing with us. Don’t worry — we don’t take it personally.



Local Moves Might Be Cheaper With Local House Movers



In 2021, Forbes reported the average local moving cost to be between $800 and $2,150. That statistic comes with a caveat, though. Forbes says, “The beginning half of 2021 has seen an unprecedented labor shortage … As a result, prices may be much higher than those reported.”



As a tight-knit local house moving company in South Carolina, Smooth Move’s team is made up of long-term employees that have become local moving experts. While we can’t guarantee lower costs than average until we give you a personalized quote, rest assured that we strive to keep it consistent.



To do this, we calculate local moving service rates based on time. For improved accuracy, we round that cost to the nearest 15-minute interval. We don’t charge extra for unexpected stops, overtime or stairs. You can add on a whole range of specialty moving services, but what you get is exactly what you pay for.



Local Movers Offer Flexible Services



A move isn’t all about getting everything from A to B. If you’re downsizing, moving into a new apartment or building a family, there are a million different decisions to make about what you’re taking with you. To help with that, Smooth Move offers:



  • Junk removal
  • Labor-only services for people with their own trucks
  • Full-service packing and unpacking
  • Specialty services for bulky and fragile items
  • Overnight holding
  • Secured, insured, climate-controlled storage. When you’re ready, we’ll deliver your goods.



With Smooth Move, you won’t have to bounce around to different companies in different towns for moving-related services. We do it all in-house.



Everyone Involved Is a Proud Member of Your Community



There are two reasons Smooth Move has kept it local: we’ve become local Charleston area moving experts and we love our community. We’re your neighbors. At one point, most of us have moved to, in or around the Lowcountry. We know exactly what it’s like.



As neighbors, we don’t just take pride in what we do — we take pride in what our community does. If you’re moving because of a new, exciting job opportunity, we think that’s a reason to celebrate! Let us be a part of a fresh chapter in your life.



That attitude informs everything from our transparent estimation process to the wide range of services we offer. The Lowcountry community deserves only the best. We do everything we can to make our home proud.



Get To Know Smooth Move of South Carolina



We hope these reasons have convinced you to use Smooth Move local house movers in Charleston and Rock Hill. If you’re still on the fence, give us a call at:





Ask questions and get to know our team of South Carolina local house movers. Picking the right moving company is a big decision. Contact us today for efficient, professional and always friendly local moving services.