With spring in full swing and temperatures starting to climb here in the Lowcountry, so to, does the beginning of our peak moving season here in the Lowcountry and South Carolina. 


Though area residents move throughout the year with us – whether it’s a local or long distance move – the summer months are generally the time when moving requests and bookings are at their highest level of the calendar year. 


Somewhat fueled by the school year cycle (and the associated summer month break), these months also don’t have many major holidays, so it’s often easier to coordinate a household move during this time. 


The summer months also line up with home & real estate sales seasonality, so it’s also a major factor in planning a house move. 


Challenges Of Moving During Peak Season


As with most industries, peak demand can also mean a battle over choosing the best mover for your particular moving case.



Moving companies can book up pretty quickly during peak season, so if you have your eyes on one in particular you might find it difficult to book with them.


Another major challenge can be weather: the summer season here in South Carolina brings some brutal heat & humidity so knowing how to weather those conditions is an important hurdle to consider.


Peak Season Moving Tips For Your Lowcountry Move


  1. Wear Light Clothing


As mentioned above, the summer months can be absolutely brutal here in the Lowcountry, so wearing light clothing while you plan, pack and coordinate your move can help keep you cool. 


  1. Anticipate Beach Season Overlap


In addition to the heat of the summer months, they also represent peak beach season here in the Lowcountry. 


Be sure to check out our moving guides to Folly Beach and other area beaches to learn more about moving to those particular areas.


  1. Coordinate/Book With Your Local Mover Early


The earlier you book, the better chance you’ll get to work with your preferred local movers.  


Not all moving companies are the same, so if you find the right moving partner in the Lowcountry it’s important to reach out to them early (months ahead of time, if needed). 


Whenever you find yourself in need of moving help, we hope your move goes — and if you happen to be moving during the summer this year, we hope these tips help you make your move go a bit more smoothly this year.