Quick, think about America’s fastest-growing cities. Maybe Los Angeles or New York come to mind. 




But between 2019 and 2020, the Charleston metro area grew by 2%. That means the area added 40 people to the population every day, with 33 people moving in daily. 




One reason why is that moving from a home to an apartment in Charleston is easy. Yet you can’t just throw your stuff in a moving van and expect everything to go well. You need to know some moving tips first. 




What should you do first on your moving checklist? How can you save money while planning a move? How should you pack your belongings? 




Answer these questions and you can make a comfortable move in no time. Here are four essential moving tips.




1. Downsize




Different types of apartments have different sizes and layouts. In general, your apartment will be significantly smaller than your house. You may have one-quarter or less of the space you had in your old home. 




This means you need to get rid of things you no longer need. Start sorting through your belongings six weeks or more before your move. 




You can throw out anything that is beyond repair. If you have broken appliances or tattered clothes, you should recycle them or put them in the trash. Talk to your local garbage company about how you can recycle electronics. 




If you have valuable items that you don’t want to keep, you can sell them. You can organize a garage sale with your neighbors, pooling together your belongings to attract more buyers. If no one will buy your items, you can bring them to a thrift store or homeless shelter. 




You can also put items in a storage container. This is a good solution if you have bulky furniture or heirlooms you can’t get rid of. You should go to your container every month to clean your unit.




Place the items you are bringing off to the side. Before you pack them, go through them one more time and see if there is anything you don’t need. You can give away clothes you haven’t worn in a year.




2. Make a Budget




Planning a move can require some money. You need to pay your moving crew and buy moving supplies. 




You should set a maximum amount of money for yourself. Get quotes from a few local moving companies about how much your move would cost. Set an amount that covers the cost and accounts for additional expenses, but doesn’t go too high.




You should look at other factors besides price. The qualities of great moving crews include great customer service and strong insurance policies.




Additional expenses can include new furniture to go in your apartment. You may need to buy a new bedroom set or couch if your furniture is too big for your apartment. You can prepare for your first day in your new home by allocating money for food and toiletries.




Try to make a little more money in the days before your move. Selling your excess belongings is one way to make some money. You can also try doing freelance or weekend work. 




3. Create a Floor Plan For Your Apartment




Before you buy an apartment, you should take a tour of it so you know what it’s like. After you’ve bought it, you should take another tour and take measurements of each room. Figure out where things can go and what the layout of your apartment is like.




Make sure you take measurements of your doors. You may need to break down pieces of furniture or carry them at an angle to fit them through the doors. 




Give your measurements to the moving company. This will help them prepare for bringing items into your apartment. Take photographs of the major rooms and points of entry.




You can start thinking about the interior design of your apartment. Strategize with your movers about where your furniture will go. 




4. Pack Your Things Well




Once you’ve sorted through your belongings and have a floor plan, you can start packing your items. You should do this at least one month in advance of your move. 




You can use cardboard boxes, bags, or plastic crates. You can also pack a personal bag, keeping your essential items with you during the move. Put important documents like your birth certificate in a sturdy container so they don’t get damaged. 




Like items should go in the same containers. You can use dividers to separate shirts from pants for easy organization. 




You should also label your containers so you and your movers bring them to the right rooms. You can use a color system to do this, or you can write on the outside. 




To save room in your containers, you can roll your clothes up. Wrap them in rubber bands so they become tighter. 




Be diligent with fragile objects. You should pack plates and dishes by wrapping each one in packing paper and storing them in small boxes.




Move your containers toward your front door so they are easy to pick up and take out. Leave plenty of space around the containers so your movers can wheel in carts and move around your home easily. If you need help moving something, you can leave it where it is and tell your movers about it.




Start Moving From a Home to an Apartment




Moving from a home to an apartment can be straightforward. You should start getting rid of unnecessary items, and you can sell valuables for cash. You can make a budget to control the amount of money you pay during your move. 




Get a tour of your apartment and figure out where everything will go. Start packing your stuff well in advance. Be careful with your fragile items and keep items in the same room in similar containers for easy organizing.