Do you have more stuff in your house than you know what to do with? It’s a common problem for homeowners to face. With the start of a new year, many people are looking to simplify their lives, including the amount of things they have in their homes. If this sounds familiar but you don’t know where to get started, Smooth Move is here to help! Our portable storage options give you the ultimate in flexibility. Here’s how our mobile storage containers in Rock Hill, SC and Charleston, SC can be used to make your home more organized in 2018.

Decluttering: There are many reasons why our homes get cluttered with stuff. January is a great time to take stock of what you have. Donate unwanted possessions to a local charity and trash things that are broken or unusable. Put all the things you aren’t quite sure what to do with in mobile storage containers until you can make a final decision.

Putting your home on the market: Many people do a serious clean-out when they decide to sell their homes. If you need to get things out of your home in a hurry, our portable storage options are the answer.

Moving: If you’re cleaning out while packing up, you may need a little extra space to put your things. Our portable storage units can stay at your location for as long as you need them. Then we’ll take them to our secure storage facility or to your new home.

If you’re ready to declutter your home in 2018, give Smooth Move a call. Our moving and storage company serves Rock Hill, Charleston, and surrounding areas of South Carolina.