While moving to a new home in Charleston sounds exciting and fun, the process isn’t always easy. Along with packing your stuff and choosing the right mover, there’s the stress of fretting over your belongings.



Will they still be in good condition upon reaching your new home, or will they get damaged in transit? 



The only way to make the relocation process effortless and stress-free is by hiring local house movers. We’ll talk about the benefits of choosing a local branch over giant national moving companies, in this article. 



Why Go With a Local Mover



Choosing a reliable and trusted local mover is the key to a smooth and worry-free move. Local moving companies have local knowledge, making them the most qualified people to work with. They know the best routes to take, making the relocation process quicker for you. 



Also, local moving companies are familiar with local guidelines or laws to adhere to. Unless the national moving company has a local branch, they may not always know the local moving laws. 



While their staff can google these laws, it could take time. You may also have to pay extra for that service. If you want prompt response time and fast service, we highly recommend you go with a local mover.



Below are the other reasons why local house movers are what you need:



Local Movers are More Affordable



Big moving companies may be established, but they are not always the best option. Why? The total relocation cost is usually based on the estimated weight of your belongings, the approximate number of boxes to be moved, and any furniture that has to be relocated. 



Other factors to consider include the location, distance, and any extra stops. If you’re hiring a national moving company with no brand in the Lowcountry, your relocation cost could be more expensive. 



You can save from any unplanned expenses and other costs associated with hiring a giant national moving company. Local movers know how to handle traffic (because of their local knowledge) and know how to make the entire trip more affordable. 



Also, they are likely to accommodate any type of move, however small it is. Going with a giant national moving company may cost you more.



Local Movers are More Reliable


The last thing you want when moving to a new home is having an unreliable mover. You’d want to avoid choosing the wrong company by making sure the mover can deliver on its promises. A local moving company in the Lowcountry strives to provide exceptional relocation services to all clients. 



Because their main target market is the local community, they tend to be highly reliable compared to national moving companies. 



Local movers like us only want to make the relocation process stress-free for you. We can only achieve this by making sure all your belongings arrive safely and on time in your new home. 



Committed to Top-notch Relocation Service



Bigger companies are likely to focus more on the quantity of moves because they have already established a name for themselves in the industry. While this isn’t always the case, it’s best to make a safer (and better) choice. Local movers are fully committed and dedicated to your complete satisfaction. 



One of their main objectives is to treat every service with care and professionalism. 



A local mover is more attentive to detail and makes sure the relocation process is properly carried out. From packing to moving and storing your belongings, rest assured you’ll get the service that you need. Also, you can expect them to always go the extra mile to ensure complete customer satisfaction. 



You Can Get More Credible Reviews



One of the advantages of hiring local movers is that you can reach out to family members or friends who have first-hand experience with them. While online reviews are available, they may not always be reliable. 



You can get more credible and genuine reviews from people who have hired the local mover. This way you have better chances of hiring the best team to take care of your relocation needs. 



Also, remember that word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool. Local movers care about their reputation, which is why they always make sure that all their clients get high-quality service. 



Local Movers Offer a Wide Range of Relocation Services


Whether you’re moving locally or long distance, a local mover can cover your needs. Local movers offer various relocation services to their clients. 



At Smooth Move, we offer both residential and commercial moves. If you’re a business moving to a new location, our team can handle the overwhelming task of moving all your equipment and other valuables. 



In addition, we do more than just move your belongings from Point A to Point B. We also offer full-service packing and unpacking — that’s right, we take all the heavy load off your plate. We do everything here at Smooth Move because our ultimate goal is to make the relocation process the easiest and quickest for you. 



Also, our team can give you the best estimate without incurring extra costs on your part. We can even give you the estimate over the phone; no need to visit our location! 



Contact us Today!



Relocating to a new and unfamiliar place doesn’t have to be tedious and stressful. With our help, we can streamline the entire process for you. Our team of experienced movers will carefully pack and unpack all your belongings, to ensure it’s efficiently delivered to your preferred location. 



There’s no need to Google house movers near me as we are the only local mover in the Lowcountry that you need.